Scottie Chapman

Biography: Scottie Chapman use to be a former horse trainer, video-game tester, and graveyard-plot telemarketer. She is "The Mythbuster Mistress of Metal" and is skilled at wielding and machining. She has made many things for the Mythbusters from bridges to race cars. When she was starting her career, she worked as a set-builder, then to carpentry, then to model-making, then to architectural restoration. She loved snow boarding, gardening, and taking care of her pet koi. Then, she become a Mythbuster.

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tbd MythBusters: Season 6 Jan 16, 2008 Mythbuilder 8.4
tbd MythBusters: Season 3 Feb 16, 2005 Mythbuilder 7.9
tbd MythBusters: Season 2 Sep 29, 2004 Mythbuilder 7.6
tbd MythBusters: Season 1 Jan 23, 2003 Mythbuilder / Mythbuilder 8.9