Steve Gray

Biography: Pastor. Author. Musician. TV host. Steve is a vibrant multi-tasker whose approach to life is fresh, edgy and relevant. He's the creative force behind The Steve & Kathy Show, writing, producing and hosting the series. He inspires viewers and as a result, they're tuning in each week to find out what he's saying. Using a dry sense of humor to tell it like it is, Steve combines humor, music, and parodies that appeal to a broad audience. His innovative skits and satires are too edgy for traditional Christian media. But that's part of why he appeals to broader audiences whose first instinct may be to bristle at so-called religion. Steve's quick wit and charm helps disarm any preconceived ideas so viewers are drawn into the show – week after week. Steve pastors a thriving church in Kansas City and recently wrote a No. 1 Amazon best seller, "My Absurd Religion." He has national credibility, having been interviewed for publications like TIME and Newsweek, multiple TV and radio shows, and numerous newspapers. Steve has been married to his co-host, Kathy, for 33 years. He's been in the ministry for more than 30 years, getting his start by traveling the country performing, singing and ministering to people. Before coming to Kansas City, Steve pastored a church in Smithton, MO, which attracted a quarter million visitors from 70 nations to a town of 532 people in what was known as the "Smithton Outpouring." Expand

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73 The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (PS2) Nov 2, 2004 Executive Producer / Executive Producer 8.1
78 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (PC) Oct 31, 2003 Producer / Producer 7.8