Sylvester McCoy

Biography: Sylvester McCoy is best known for playing the seventh incarnation of The Doctor in the long-running BBC science-fiction show Doctor Who (in which he appeared between 1987 and 1989, reprising the role in 1996 for the television movie).

After working in London in the insurance trade and then in the box-office of The Roundhouse, Sylvester joined 'The Ken Campbell Roadshow'. This was a comedy act- featuring Bob Hoskins and Dave Hill- that toured unusual locations, such as pubs. Sylvester's best known act was as a comedy stuntman known as 'Sylveste McCoy', who would put nails up his nose, ferrets down his trousers and set his head on fire. In the programmes, 'Sylveste McCoy' was credited as being played by 'Sylveste McCoy'. A critic- missing the joke- thought it was a real person and named him as such in the resulting review. Sylvester liked the irony of this and adopted it as his stage-name, later adding the 'r'.

Previous to his role as The Doctor, Sylvester appeared in
Saturday morning show Tiswas, Vision On (where he played a character who lived in a mirror) and was one of the O-Men in Jigsaw. Expand

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tbd Doctor Who (1963): Season 27 Nov 26, 1993 The Doctor tbd
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