Travis Tomko

Biography: Tyson Tomko(Travis Tomko) weighs 292lbs. and is the height of 6'6. Travis Tomko signed a contract with the wwe in April 2002. He also worked for 3 years as being the bodyguard for Limp Bizkit. Other people have bodyguards. Tyson Tomko prides himself of being the "Problem Solver" for Christian and Trish Stratus. Tyson's a former power lifter and has spent about 100 hours getting Tatoos, respecting his Blackfoot Indian Heritage.
Tyson's quite a bit like Bruiser Brody, who is remembered for bringing Caos into the ring. Tyson travels everywhere now with Trish Stratus on WWE RAW.

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tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 12 Jan 5, 2004 Tyson Tomko 9.0
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 13 Jan 3, 2005 Tomko 9.0
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 20 Jan 25, 2004 Tomko tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 21 Jan 9, 2005 Tomko tbd