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1,354 movie reviews
  1. Yam Laranas doesn't leave it at that. In his low-budget, creepy thriller, he spells out why and how this particular path is so deadly, as well as what led to the crimes and supernatural horror that seem to frequent the place.
  2. It's not always pretty, and it's not always exciting, but you genuinely don't know from one moment to the next how these characters will behave.
  3. It’s not the best movie of the summer, not by a long shot, but if there’s such a thing as smarter dumb fun, this is probably it.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    One is left wishing a little more time were spent on the clothes and the creative process, but Yves Saint Laurent is still a lovely escape into an elegant, evolving world.
  4. If you are a stickler for movies that follow the laws of, say, physics, nature and common sense, The A-Team might not be for you. If, on the other hand, you get a kick out of exchanges like this - "Are they trying to shoot down that other drone?" "No. They're trying to fly that tank" - then you're in for a treat.
  5. 42
    Helgeland has given us an impressive introduction to one of the most important men in U.S. history. But you can’t help wanting more.
  6. It's Moore who makes the movie worthwhile, who elevates it from disease-of-the-week fare to the role of a lifetime.
  7. Yes, in the end, Trance is pretty manipulative. But again, with Boyle behind the camera, it’s a more satisfying experience than it might have been. If we’re going to be manipulated, it might as well be by a master.
  8. It’s predictable. It’s saccharine. It’s silly. It’s also, thanks to the consummate talents of Stamp and Redgrave, occasionally a joy.
  9. Neighbors is not the classic raunchy comedy it wants to be, but it certainly isn't for lack of trying. And when it's funny, it's really funny. Just not as often as one might hope.
  10. An unapologetic love letter to the popular board game. It's also almost - but not quite - something more.
  11. This breathless science-fiction thriller isn't just gory. It practically revels in graphic violence, with several scenes shot in excruciating slow motion.
  12. Overall, Kill the Irishman is an entertaining look at a brutal time in an ugly place.
  13. The Last Exorcism is a good movie that could have been - SHOULD have been - a great one.
  14. As cultural criticism, this commentary on life in the age of TMZ and the "Real Housewives" is hardly insightful, but it is executed to dizzying, Fellini-esque perfection, a miniature masterpiece amidst more modest amusements.
  15. A surprisingly enjoyable movie.
  16. [Renner's] outstanding as a man passionate about his work. His character is not perfect — just ask his wife and children — but he is certainly a good man trying to do good things.
  17. It's true that the language in the film can be harsh -- but it's also very obvious that kids are hearing this kind of language in schools every day, much of it directed at them.
  18. It's a tired genre, one that would be greatly improved if, ironically, far younger actors showed the energy and command these two old hands do.
  19. Jordan’s tone is consistently drab and morose, which is fitting enough, but the story drags a bit, bouncing back and forth in time in a manner that is sometimes useful, sometimes not. Overall, though, it’s an intriguing addition to the genre.
  20. The premise wears thin after a while and the humor is hit-and-miss, but when it's on its game The Wedding Video can be laugh-out-loud funny.
  21. Adult World is a happy surprise.
  22. It's oddly emotionally detached, easier to admire than to become involved in.
  23. It does give Cera a chance to play at being a bad boy. But it's just that - playing at it.
  24. The story takes some unexpected turns, which Crowe handles well, without overplaying them. Overall, The Water Diviner is a solid effort, a good, old-fashioned movie when it's not delving into soap opera.
  25. This is a good movie, but it lacks the visual wonder of the first, along with the sense of play at which von Trier, even at his most controversial, is so good.
  26. It's ultimately Parks who carries Tusk, and carries it farther than it should have gone.
  27. Tomorrowland may not fully reach the heights for which it strives, but it has a good time trying.
  28. It is a smart, well-acted drama, and another chance for Marling to exercise her unique talents, creating intriguing characters on the page and the screen.
  29. You certainly won’t find a lot of films like Sightseers. To call it a dark comedy is to undersell “dark” and oversell “comedy.” A very British affair, it exists to suggest laughter more than induce it.

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