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  1. Barely Lethal has some laughs, and will probably serve nicely as a movie you can land on for a few minutes when it shows up on cable. But it slides into the rote generic-teen-comedy mode too soon to be anything more.
  2. When Going the Distance works, it works well, and it feels genuine. But like a bad relationship, the movie will continually let you down.
  3. The interviews throughout are the best part of the movie - the least heavy-handed, yet most effective, element. There is a message here of the necessity for tolerance, but 8: The Mormon Proposition would have been better had its makers presented it in a more consistent, artful fashion.
  4. Although it’s not impossible to mix humor and violence, as “Midnight Run” proves, it isn’t easy — as 3 Days to Kill proves. Points for effort all the way around, and welcome back, Costner. Let’s hope things get better from here.
  5. There's not a lot of humor here, just violence and more violence. The acting is fine enough - Whitaker, of the talented bunch, seems to be having the best time - but the slicing and dicing overpowers the cast, the story and everything else.
  6. Max
    It's the Walmart of feel-good family films: accessible, cheaply made, useful in a pinch and full of American flags.
  7. Everything is lathered with a syrupy, string-laden musical score designed to gnaw at a viewer's tear ducts. It's about as subtle as having an off-screen narrator yell "Start crying!" before big scenes, and probably as effective.
  8. Timothy Hutton is a good actor. So whom to blame for Multiple Sarcasms?
  9. Director Ruben Fleischer, who directed Eisenberg in the worlds-better "Zombieland," never finds that kind of successful groove here, instead bouncing from one set piece to another, with vastly inconsistent results.
  10. This is a funny movie, in places.
  11. Visually, the film is sumptuous and the costumes are suitably wow-inspiring, but the humans are a blah bunch.
  12. It's the PG-13 version of "The Hangover," and more than anything, that's just boring.
  13. A pretty good action movie for about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, it lasts 106.
  14. In To the Wonder [Malick] doesn’t give us enough to work with, leaving us with a thing of great beauty, but not much more.
  15. The found-footage approach loses its shine quickly.
  16. the performances, even from some really good actors, are wooden, the huge CGI effects are a distraction and the best thing about the movie is the one thing that, other than the casting, will probably make the most people angry: God is a kid.
  17. Earnest in its ambition but dopey in its execution, Winter’s Tale never takes flight.
  18. Writer and director Jeremy Leven’s film is meant to be a trifle, a status which it achieves, but it’s nothing more than that.
  19. There’s a certain kinetic charm to the first half of the movie, a freewheeling silliness to these outsized characters that makes you curious to see just how wrong things will go. But as the weightlifters’ plot spirals out of control, so does the movie’s.
  20. Mira Nair has crafted a handsome but clubfooted film that lurches through predictable hot spots. It most disappoints as a thriller, the flashbacks and voiceovers and romantic entanglements so dominating the proceedings you forget that someone is bound and gagged in real time.
  21. Two narcissists do not a couple make, and without any actual relationship, there really isn't a movie.
  22. The Cobbler definitely won't please the audience for Sandler's mainstream blockbusters, and it's unlikely to win him new fans among the indie intelligentsia, either.
  23. Doesn't really know what it wants to be. Morel would have done better to remember the "to thine own self be true" bit, and stayed with the dunderheaded shoot-'em-up vibe, with Travolta having a blast, often literally.
  24. Although it's not as bad as it could be, the film is still middle-of-the-road fare for comedy fans who are already firmly in James' corner, delivering the sort of brainless laughs that James is famous for. [18 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  25. Most of the time, it simply coasts along at the level of a typical Lifetime TV movie.
  26. In "The Player," Robert Altman carves up Hollywood with knowing, surgical precision. Cronenberg is a gifted filmmaker in his own right, but here he takes a meat-ax to the place. He gets what he's after but leaves quite a mess.
  27. Ultimately, At Any Price isn’t terrible, but you can tell that’s hardly the endorsement the filmmakers were seeking.
  28. The First Time sets out to be the thinking kids' teen sex comedy but misses the mark by failing its characters. [18 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  29. TRON: Legacy may well satisfy the fanboys who have waited almost three decades for its appearance. Enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day if you wait long enough they'll make a "Super Mario Bros." sequel, too.
  30. The club scenes, initially exciting, are ultimately wearying, and the movie meanders about much of the time.

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