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  1. Igawa is almost a magical presence, projecting a calm in Ozu that is infectious.
  2. There's a little "Kramer vs. Kramer" here, a dash of "Transformers" there, and it's all topped with big heap of "Rocky." But it's hard to argue with the results, because, at times, Real Steal is close to a knockout.
  3. Some elements of the film are too melodramatic, but there's not a bad performance in it -- look at the cast and that's not surprising -- and Gosling is outstanding.
  4. Fantastic acting by the likes of Garret Dillahunt, Chris Cooper and Joel Torre lift characters above the cliched, offering a one-sided history lesson that is still well worth learning.
  5. He's often called the Yiddish Mark Twain; supposedly Twain, upon hearing this, said to tell Aleichem that Twain was the American Sholem Aleichem.
  6. Tremendously entertaining.
  7. There are plot twists and turns, some of which amuse, some of which disgust. Issues of gender and identity take an eventual backseat to gruesome experiments -- gruesome because of the manner in which they're conducted, by an unfeeling monster.
  8. Le Havre is a small bit of movie magic, a story that plays more as a fable even as it deals with something as topical as immigration.
  9. Isn't the happiest movie about a band you'll ever see, but it is one of the more entertaining, and thanks to directors Lev Anderson and Christ Metzler, one of the most original.
  10. The real draw of Arthur Christmas is simpler: It's really funny.
  11. Her (Williams) performance is so engaging and complete, it's worth all the other shortcomings.
  12. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is big, it's loud and so relentless in its action that it reminds me of an old joke. Why do you hit yourself in the head with a hammer? Because it feels so good when you stop. In this case, the headache is worth it.
  13. Young Adult is a horror movie disguised as a dark comedy.
  14. The movie plays to Fincher's strengths, with its dark elements and cool feel, combining for a bracing pop-culture experience.
  15. Damon can elevate just about anything in which he appears.
  16. What's surprising here, and pleasantly so, is the restraint shown by Mortensen and Fassbender -- and by Cronenberg.
  17. It's just as accurately described as a bunch of British guys sitting around acting. But what actors! The cast includes Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Mark Strong,CiarĂ¡n Hinds and Toby Jones.
  18. It's very much an old-time moviegoing experience; the film could have been made in 1940, and that's a compliment.
  19. Especially rewarding about Oduye's performance is how she's able to portray that frustration while retaining hope and optimism.
  20. It's not easy to make such a downbeat movie compelling, but that's what Ramsay, with great help from her star, has done.
  21. For anyone with an interest in dance, Pina is a must-see. For anyone not interested in contemporary dance, Pina is a should-see. It could change your mind.
  22. Wieckiewicz is outstanding, his open face expressing a full range of emotions, often within the same scene, sometimes within the same conversation.
  23. There is no denying that the environmental message is heavy-handed.
  24. Brown is a sick man, but Harrelson makes him so interesting, so charismatic, so ... watchable, that you can't look away, even if his actions make you want to (and they will).
  25. As a portrait of modern warfare, politics and propaganda, Coriolanus is intriguing, even if the gritty action sequences don't quite measure up to the realism of "The Hurt Locker."
  26. You expect the big joke in Casa de Mi Padre to involve Will Ferrell mangling the Spanish language. Instead, the movie is funny because of just how commendable the actor's Spanish is.
  27. It is an offbeat gem.
  28. Boy
    A delightful discovery, a charming little film about fathers, sons, New Zealand and Michael Jackson.
  29. The lunacy begins early in The Pirates! Band of Misfits and never lets up.
  30. The only flaw here is the score. It's beautiful but so obtrusive, particularly at the start, that it threatens to turn the proceedings into melodrama.

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