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4,969 movie reviews
  1. Definitive modern cinematic eye-candy with all the connotations of empty calories that term implies.
  2. The Monkey's Mask is filmed with an eye toward an arthouse sheen, although Lang's dramatic pacing is sluggish and dull.
  3. A hackneyed police story, rife with clichés, implausibilities, and weak performances.
  4. The bottom line with the film is that there's just no damn mystery about it.
  5. Fumbles on so many levels it's just plain silly. To paraphrase the film's tagline: The Thirteenth Floor: You can go there, but why would you want to?
  6. When a human joke like Tony Robbins is the only one who comes away from your movie smelling like a rose, there's a real problem in Farrellyland.
  7. It works only sporadically, and more as a comic outing than as a vicious battle of sexual predation.
  8. The kind of movie that gives "chick flicks" a bad reputation.
  9. A mildly diverting comedy but has little of real substance to recommend it.
  10. What hath "The Sixth Sense" wrought? These days, it seems as if every psychological thriller has a surprise finish.
  11. If it's a good heist movie you're after, there are surely better ways to go than with this limp caper.
  12. This new film version, sad to say, is a hollow shell of the original series.
    • 26 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    This film has all the pyschological depth of a wading pool. Anything you've imagined without seeing the movie is likely more interesting than what's here.
  13. An exercise in unintentional farce.
  14. And next time around... show the courage of your lowbrow convictions and get back to the gonzo, unapologetically senseless mayhem that made this saga so much fun in the beginning.
  15. The first "Nightmare on Elm Street" was wickedly surreal, but the wacky dream sequences were offset by the sitcomlike, almost satirical flatness of ordinary suburban life; that was the really scary part. Freddy Vs. Jason is innocent of such nuances.
  16. Monk would probably make a nice rental on a dull evening, with some kind of salty snack and a drinking-game accompaniment. (Drink whenever Scott cries, "Oh, shit!")
  17. Ultimately sinks under the weight of its good intentions. It’s like watching Univision or Telemundo on the big screen.
  18. The few gags that hit their mark only serve to point up how flaccid the rest of his material is, and that spells doom for a comic, no matter how much his hometown crowd cheers him on.
  19. Across-the-board, the kids are extremely adorable to watch (not an easy thing to pull off) and will appeal to the other kids in the audience who might identify with them and see the story from the kids’ point of view. But looking at this film from any other perspective, will give you brain rot.
  20. Each of the characters is dull and boorish instead of witty and urbane.
  21. It's all a bit of overkill.
  22. Even at 82 minutes in length, Superstar feels uncomfortably stretched.
  23. A dead-chamber misfire, a hollowpoint dud.
  24. It's mediocrity at its most unremarkable.
  25. Director Irwin Winkler and his cast obviously hope to shed light on the boundaries of love, and instead come up with a walloping case of the preachies.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Like the cartoon on which it's based, Inspector Gadget has moments of absurd fun and droll wit, but they are fleeting and few.
  26. If LaBute wants to plumb the depths of human unkindness, have at it -– only dig deeper next time.
  27. Herzfeld also wrote the screenplay, and so its leaden and obvious tone and the resulting dearth of delicacy rests squarely on him.
  28. As middling comedies go, this is neither as smart as it ought to be nor as dumb as you'd expect.

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