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4,895 movie reviews
  1. Feels so depressingly vacant that it registers less as a film than as a pointed lesson in what not to do in the wacky world of non-traditional dating. Hasn't anyone in this film heard of Friendster?
  2. As is, Welcome to Mooseport is clunkily earthbound as its characters and the situations plod forward while never getting anywhere.
  3. Ridiculously overwrought.
  4. Everything about Agent Cody Banks 2 reeks of hurry-up and make this movie before its kid star Frankie Munoz loses his pubescent looks (it’s already borderline).
  5. Charmless, unfrightening, and even devoid of the requisite gratuitous nudity, Anaconda just plain bites.
  6. A twist ending in search of its movie.
  7. Tired and formulaic.
  8. A dark comedy caught in a white-light washout, it's neither mean enough to be funny, nor funny enough to mean much.
  9. The characters all feel like concoctions, like synthetic movie people forged in a crucible of Red Bull during late-night meetings at the studio compound.
  10. As arduous to watch as your neighbor’s poorly focused vacation slides.
  11. Envy feels like a comedy in search of a drama in search of some sort of lugubrious existential meaning; it never quite seems to know where it's going to head next, and neither will the audience.
  12. Neither very scary nor very interesting, Godsend is an unresurrectable muddle.
  13. Its narrative conceit will entertain for a while, but eventually you will long to disappear with the rest of the Mexicans.
  14. Irritating throughout, Love Me if You Dare turns positively appalling in its last half hour, with the inevitable final showdown producing an image that continues to curdle my stomach days later.
  15. Another unthrilling Renny Harlin thriller.
  16. A smallish cast peppered with a pair of bullish performances by both Platt and the lesser-known Gleeson. The two spark some chemistry between them, which is more than can be said for Pullman and Fonda's moribund performances.
  17. Misbegotten is the only way to describe this remake of the 1975 film based on Ira Levin's cultural-zeitgeist novel.
  18. This newest laff-riot from the once and future director of The Decline of Western Civilization documentaries is a lamentable mess, chiefly made up of stale gags that went bad sometime during the Kennedy administration and a stunningly unengaging romance that has all the snap of a moist cotton swab.
  19. Shoddily plotted and unimaginative, Species II is a slapdash effort at best, creepily unaffecting and minus the T&A this sort of film so desperately hinges on.
  20. It isn't all the actors' faults, of course. You can't, ahem, turn straw into gold, and straw – dull, brittle, lousy to taste – is entirely what director Mark Rosman and first-time screenwriter Leigh Dunlap deliver.
  21. With its eye-popping color palette and surreal sense of ever-heightening melodrama, Thunderbirds comes across as "Spy Kids'" poorer British cousin.
  22. This space invaders stuff is, like, so 1981.
  23. Instead of building suspense and tension, Suspect Zero devotes its efforts to creating a weird and creepy milieu that will leave fans of police procedurals wanting and avant-garde enthusiasts scratching their heads.
  24. Batman & Robin fails to engage the spirit of Batman, Robin, or decent marketing in general, and instead ends up as a limp, excruciatingly shallow knockoff that leaves viewers cringing at the unavoidable one-liners that make up the better part of the script.
  25. Stupendously dull and infuriatingly obtuse.
  26. Frankly, one's sympathy sides more with the class bitch who thinks she has the better voice and deserves the choral solo instead of Terri. In your heart you know she's right.
  27. The man behind the "Rush Hour" franchise proves that dropping sly nods in Alfred Hitchcock's direction does not necessarily a fine caper make.
  28. Absurdism taken to a new extreme.
  29. Of all the missteps made and absurdities offered, the most glaring is the casting of what appears to be a steroidal Eurotrash pimp as no less than Dracula.
  30. Toils in high school hell and doesn't even manage to come up with one good shock.

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