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4,928 movie reviews
  1. The script is simultaneously boring and breathlessly busy, and it really gives Arquette a beating, as scene after scene subjects him to electrocution, dog attack, encasement in bubble wrap, public pantlessness, assault by the hearing-impaired, a fishbowl on the head, and gluteal paralysis caused by poisonous sea urchins.
  2. The film feels like a truly awful "Saturday Night Live" sketch padded out to such unholy lengths as to make "It's Pat" seems like a comic masterstroke.
  3. The damn thing is boring. Dull as dirt. Despite the many fine actors involved, View From the Top is a third-class production through and through and, frankly, I'd rather be pelted in the head with stale, salty peanuts than sit through it again.
  4. Hopefully, someone will grab the torch and, if not run with it, at the very least track down and set fire to the highly combustible prints of this inexcusably inept yawn-a-thon - it's not so much bad as it is unfathomable.
  5. One of the Peking Opera-trained superstar's most mediocre films, rivaling last year’s God-awful "The Tuxedo" for sheer messy filmmaking and brazen acts of tedium... Abysmal.
  6. Shamelessly dull.
  7. Bad and baffling from the get-go, probably the only good thing to come out of this Rollerball is the boon it gives the porn industry in terms of another ready-made title to spoof.
  8. Reeks as badly as it sounds.
  9. There's an oddball quality to the ensemble that might even be lovable if the movie weren't so glib and perfunctory.
  10. Certain to be distasteful to children and adults alike, Eight Crazy Nights is a total misfire.
  11. Deadly dull tripe.
  12. It's pornography of the most depressing sort.
    • 14 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The In Crowd is nothing but a deadly dull business.
  13. Nothing about this movie works.
  14. It's dead in the water.
  15. So much is going on, and so many bizarre and seemingly random subplots collide in Dreamcatcher, that the film feels like some crazy patchwork quilt sewn by a schizophrenic seamstress. It’s not only confusing, but dull, as well.
  16. Simply put, Battlefield Earth is the worst film I've seen in over 10 years, and believe me, that's saying a lot.
  17. It had a little originality, unlike the other sequels, but not much.
  18. I'd rather have a testicular nail-gun mishap than sit through this migraine-inducing train wreck of a film one more time.
  19. The loosely scripted story is further burdened with clunky dialogue and performances, shoddy continuity.
  20. Dude, your movie sucks.
  21. Even with its scant running time, this nightmarish travesty barrels along with all the whipcord speed and nimble comedic grace of a loved one’s funeral.
  22. File this one under What Were They Thinking?
  23. Astonishingly dull. The leads have zero chemistry, the supporting actors are even worse, and the script is a lifeless, draggy thing.
  24. It's a bad movie that only a parent could love.
  25. Most indicative of The Tuxedo's mediocrity, however, is the absence of the always entertaining action outtakes that traditionally roll under the end credits of Chan films; here it's all dialogue flubs barely fit for Dick Clark.
  26. It's cheap and it's lowdown, and to those responsible for this exercise in devolution: Honestly, I'm not sure I want to know someone like you.
  27. There's precious little to like about the witless and decidedly tedious Black Knight other than the fact that it's unlikely to generate a sequel.
  28. This is either one of the best “head” films of all time or one of the worst examples of Disneyfied opportunism to come down the pike in years. I'd like to think it was the former, really I would, but somehow I suspect otherwise.
  29. With all the wrong Stealing Harvard has done, it at least bestows one gift upon its audience: the gift of forgettableness.

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