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2023 movie reviews
  1. Falls victim to flimsy characters and a love story that strains reality.
  2. Ella Enchanted is one cute movie.
  3. As for the Ya-Yas: They're not as much fun as the First Wives' Club.
    • Baltimore Sun
  4. Wants to be a bittersweet comedy about erotic loss and memory loss. But it doesn't have the heart or brain.
  5. The final half-hour is like the not-so-grand finale for a silly-sticky sitcom. It's a college-town “Friends” with an unearned doctorate.
  6. Though lovingly crafted and beautifully photographed, the movie does little to make Jones seem compelling, or even all that good.
  7. The result is a film that plays like a creaking melodrama, with good guys and bad guys and precious little in between.
  8. The real obstacle here is a lack of filmmaking imagination.
  9. The script gives the actors less of a chance than the dragons give to Homo sapiens.
  10. The talented and quirky-pretty Sarah Jessica Parker gives an excruciating performance. It's a keenly self-conscious caricature - the bold, showy kind that often wins awards yet sends audiences running from the theater.
  11. Put the tango in "To Sir, With Love," and you've got Take the Lead.
  12. It's also unclear just what Niccol wanted this film to be: a satire? a spoof? a black comedy? a pointed social commentary? Perhaps all of the above - way too many hats for a movie this slight to wear.
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. Meandering, forgettable trifle.
  14. With Nicholson and Sandler aboard, we want to love it madly. But instead of a tickle, this big-name comedy just grates.
  15. The movie is so confused about itself that it comes across as toneless, a bunch of characters wandering around in a story no one is controlling.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Gives aficionados what they want and is surprisingly kid-friendly.
    • Baltimore Sun
  16. It all comes off as a case of filmmakers wanting to have their communion wafer and eat it, too.
  17. Fans of anime probably will find Vampire Hunter D plenty thrilling. Non-fans, or those not familiar with the genre, will enjoy the film's gothic atmosphere, but may wonder what all the fuss is about.
    • Baltimore Sun
  18. Rather than providing flashes of one-of-a-kind humor, Allen has reached the point where his critical and movie-going fans are humoring him.
  19. Good intentions are no substitute for good filmmaking, and Spy Kids 3D is nothing more than a retread in flashier clothing.
  20. Webber's film offers painstaking reproductions of the town of Delft circa 1665 in all four seasons. That's just the problem: you feel every pain he took. Girl With a Pearl Earring is an art movie in the worst way.
  21. Strip away the portentous style and lush views of nature in The Return and all you've got is a slender nightmare of a family gone haywire in an outing that turns into survival camp.
  22. Costner succumbs to terminal self-seriousness when he makes a movie of his own either as the director or, in this case, a producer.
  23. Despite its director's skill at staging trash with dash, Oldboy is too long and portentous to be an enjoyable B movie. The movie's self-seriousness short-circuits its sensationalism.
  24. Doesn't display a single deep thought, or even a middlingly profound one.
    • Baltimore Sun
  25. I found the movie impossibly basic and sanitized as a "never again" parable of the Final Solution - and simply wrongheaded as a story about children.
  26. Spielberg believes, admirably, that art can grow from love, and vice-versa. But in The Terminal he makes the mistake of insisting on it, repeatedly.
  27. Will keep kids happy and parents mildly entertained.
  28. The cast doesn't impress, the story doesn't compel and the characters are too bland to make people remember them.
  29. The problem is not merely that Moore preaches to the choir. It's that, at his worst, he's so bumptious and bullheaded that he helps keep that choir small and strident. In Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore is so anti-Bush that he becomes a Bizarro-world version of Bush himself: tone-deaf, spluttering, incapable of framing an intelligent debate.

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