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Average Movie review score: 63
Highest review score: 100 The Simpsons Movie
Lowest review score: 0 Margot at the Wedding
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1,998 movie reviews
  1. Funny Girl is old-fashioned; it is also exhilarating.
  2. Beguiling, moving and just plain fun documentary.
  3. Full of wit, charm and wonder. It's so hilarious, you might blow a gasket.
  4. The movie grows richer as it goes along and contrasting pieces click together.
  5. A pop masterpiece.
  6. Deep Blue is pure bliss. This documentary about ocean life in all its forms achieves its own tidal pull with visual marvels that conjure a Darwinian delirium.
  7. Howl's Moving Castle is one animated epic that has it all: poetic intensity, potent storytelling, vivid and surprising characters, and intoxicating powers of visual imagination.
  8. The movie pays tribute to sexual equality and to each gender's agility and strength of character.
  9. Brilliant, brutally poignant.
  10. Bracingly honest and ceaselessly compelling documentary.
  11. One happy surprise after another, even when the content is bittersweet or sad.
  12. A thriller from the inside out, a romance from the outside in: that's the double-edged brilliance of The Constant Gardener.
  13. Just when you might give up on young American film directors making art the way Bergman and Kurosawa did, along comes Bennett Miller's quiet, tumultuous Capote.
  14. You go to Good Night, and Good Luck expecting inspiration, and you get it. It's also unexpectedly subtle, tense, and challenging, complex both in its take on its subject and in its craftsmanship. So the movie brings you to your feet - and, at times, to tears.
  15. Park's imagination is as fecund as the bunnies that bob up and down from their rabbit holes in every corner of the Tottington garden.
  16. It gives you such an intense hit of creativity that afterward you may find yourself trying to jete out of the theater and into the street.
  17. What Phoenix and Witherspoon accomplish in this movie is transcendent. They act with every bone and inch of flesh and facial plane, and each tone and waver of their voice.
  18. Overflowing with comedy and drama, The Boys of Baraka unfolds on the mean streets of Baltimore and in the wide-open spaces of Kenya.
  19. Plunges into an imaginative landscape as large as all creation - and never slackens its barreling pace or shrinks its panoramic scope.
  20. It's a topical, iconoclastic documentary with the warmth and pace of a first-rate personal essay.
  21. The result is a performance film that conjures a vision of American life as moving, funny and rueful as John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Almost everything that happens - and almost everything happens within Flama's apartment - is food for dry humor and very recognizable humanity.
  22. The offhand wit and casual self-revelation of Johnston's best words draw you deeper into the mysteries of his character. Feuerzeig is a music-lover to his bones.
  23. There's no cheap uplift to their victory, no pop catharsis. What's great about United 93 is that you never feel it's just a movie - even though, as a movie, it's terrific.
  24. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu runs the same 2 1/2 hours as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," but what a difference a comic-dramatic purpose makes.
  25. A masterpiece.
  26. Lasseter's inclusive, utterly distinctive sensibility makes Cars all that it can be. His embrace of the comic-dramatic friction between innovation and tradition infiltrates every aspect of the movie - the look, the characters, the story.
  27. A down-home-exquisite musical dramedy.
  28. Its knockout success is a testament to Gore's eloquence and humanity and to the dexterity of his director, Davis Guggenheim.
  29. It's an experience that blows your mind, clears it and educates it.

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