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2017 movie reviews
  1. Let's just say this is a perfect film for penguin lovers who also are devoted members of the Green party - and leave it at that.
  2. The whole enterprise suffers from tired blood.
  3. This whole movie has zero chemistry. Broderick and Hunt are a match made in hell; Firth and Hunt are a match made in limbo.
  4. A handsome, accomplished piece of work, but it drove me from absorption to excruciation within 20 minutes, and then it went on for two hours more.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Doesn't break any ground -- but it looks good in a tight sweater.
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. The lack of condescension is the movie's saving grace, if grace is the right word. There's no snobbery to the low-blow humor, or to Reynolds' low-key, genial comeback turn, or to Sandler's more-ingratiating-than-athletic lead performance.
  6. Neither Grimm comes across as especially interesting to watch, and neither does anything in the movie offer much to get excited about.
  7. As it is, Hoot doesn't accomplish anything a picture book of the Everglades and a few well-chosen Jimmy Buffett tunes wouldn't do better.
  8. With all the good will in the world, I couldn't warm up to Kit Kittredge. The movie is like a 1930s or 1940s short about Americans pulling together, stretched out to feature length.
  9. Just don't think about what's going on, and you should be OK.
  10. The movie fails at the primary steps of turning Rejas' mind inside out and dramatizing the contradictions in his heart and soul.
  11. It wasn't shot in Annapolis and doesn't have an original thought in its head. Other than that, Annapolis is a fine film.
  12. Read like a long, anguished prayer, but on screen it looks an awful lot like blasphemy.
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. Next may be the silliest movie of 2007.
  14. This is harmless fun for the holiday season, but Tim Allen doesn't give movie the punch it needs.
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. Bottle Shock wastes that intriguing bit of history and some seductive Napa Valley settings on a bland script that's part period piece, part underdog fable.
  16. There's no innocence left in Shrek 2. The helter-skelter story and throwaway gags emerge from a sensibility that confuses gossipy knowingness and jadedness with wit.
  17. Everything about this film is drenched in adrenaline.
  18. Let's get it out, loud and clear: Jerry Maguire is not a sports movie. It's a stealth chick movie, wrapped in a swaddling of jock stuff so that it gets through guy radar without setting off the missile defenses.
  19. Graeme Obree was a champion bicycler who, by all accounts, rarely took the easy way out. Too bad this movie version of his life doesn't follow suit.
  20. The end result is more a lecture than a film; audiences may come away understanding what went on, but for most, the emotional connection will be lacking.
  21. Romanticism fights stoicism to a draw, and the movie grows ever more static, too. Down to the quasi-ambiguous hate-crime finish, Brokeback Mountain comes as close to being a still life as you can get with human characters.
  22. Johansson bequeaths the welcome sight of a talent in full bloom to this wilted, dark whimsy of a movie.
  23. Gory but lifeless.
  24. There's not a moment in Against the Ropes where you forget this is perky Meg Ryan up onscreen, talking trashy and acting tough.
  25. The Last Mimzy displays a gentle touch and the best of intentions. But the film's message never quite becomes clear; what, exactly, are young minds supposed to take away from this film?
  26. Mystic River wants to be a Bruce Springsteen-like anthem of life and death in blue-collar America. It's no more than a doggerel rendition of poetic injustice.
  27. Plot-wise, this is strictly paint-by-numbers stuff.
  28. Lacks suspense, momentum and visual panache.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Point Break has its areas of excitement, but on too many occasions the movie just lies there -- even when it does, however, the film still manages to look and sound good.

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