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2016 movie reviews
    • 38 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    As disposable as aluminum cans without the promise of a cash return.
  1. All the Coens come up with is a movie about bad things happening to limited people.
  2. Like watching a 90-minute game of the video game Asteroids - all bang and no buck.
  3. Even the cartoon Pink Panther in the credits seems off - at once too glitzy and too fey, more Peter Allen than Pink Panther.
  4. Most of the fun to be had with Thr3e is to spot the movies from which it cribs. Beyond that, what one has is a conventional psychological thriller that cheats too often and depends on actors determined to play only one note.
  5. Valkyrie's political and military subjects may have sounded like sure-fire thriller material. Wilkinson alone proves that a suspense film thrives on intriguing characters struggling to survive. Nothing in Valkyrie is as compelling as watching tides of calculation crash across Wilkinson's face.
  6. High School Musical 3 wore me out, but I'm not the target audience. My favorite high school musical was "Hamlet 2."
  7. The original Rocky would have found a way to ground that encounter in reality, to engender honest emotion and give audiences an Everyman hero both noble and believable. This film is too busy worshiping its hero to bother.
  8. Instead of exploding, it implodes.
  9. A bit like a real-world horror film with "heart," right down to the trick ending.
  10. Well, it's better than "The Phantom Menace."
    • Baltimore Sun
  11. New York critics have anointed Crash in advance as the Second Coming, but it's just another over-ambitious first movie.
  12. Despite its adrenalized actors, Tape is a tired return to the roots of the American indie movement's popular surge a dozen years ago. It could have been called "sex, lies and audiotape."
  13. The problem with Doubt is its dramatic certainty.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    If it weren't for a few genuine Chan novelties and the presence of the goofy Jennifer Love Hewitt, this much-delayed and re-edited mess would be a total loss.
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. Instead of being supple and expansive like the book, this Little Children is heavy-handed and snarky.
  15. This movie's biggest contribution to film history will be resurrecting Davies' reputation as a natural comedian stuck in deadly costume pictures because her lover wanted her placed on a pedestal.
  16. It's not a comedy-drama, really. It's let's-all-share therapy in beautiful Boulder, Colo.
  17. Despite the nice touches at the corners, the center does not hold. In I Think I Love My Wife, there's too much emphasis on the Think.
  18. Hasn't got quite the right sound as it did in Annie Proulx's novel.
    • Baltimore Sun
  19. The movie never generates the authority it needs to be all that it can be.
  20. One gets the feeling Kaufman was so intent on putting fury and fanaticism on-screen, he forgot about having it serve any greater purpose. Which makes Quills the film equivalent of one of de Sade's novels: artifice, without art.
  21. This is a movie about guns blazing, men punching, speedometers straining and explosions exploding. On all those levels, it succeeds just fine - which makes for a great amusement-park ride, but perhaps not much of a movie.
  22. Too bad it doesn't deserve to fold the bedsheets of Paul Mazursky's L.A. roundelay "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" (1969).
  23. Ragged and frenetic.
    • Baltimore Sun
  24. There're some low New York laughs in Swingers and some nice clothes if you like bad taste, but on the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia. At least they know how to make a sandwich in that town!
  25. All honesty, rebellion and suffering, but no depth.
  26. The overarching joke, of course, is that most movies are so lousy they might as well have been made by blind men anyway. Hollywood Ending is only mediocre, but you may leave wondering, what's Allen's excuse?
  27. Godsend is two-thirds of a good movie, with a final third that's just downright awful. So much wasted potential only makes the whole thing that much more painful.
  28. It's mindless, which is rarely true of French cinema, dull, which is rarely true of Hong Kong films, and portentous, which shouldn't be true of any film about a man-eating dog.
    • Baltimore Sun

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