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Highest review score: 100 Rabbit-Proof Fence
Lowest review score: 0 Pathfinder
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2,001 movie reviews
  1. Dense, ironic and thoroughly engrossing caper melodrama.
  2. The movie is supremely nonjudgmental and balanced.
  3. L’Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Hotel) is unexpectedly entertaining because it captures the point in young adulthood when life is unseriously serious, or maybe seriously unserious.
  4. The movie's best moments belong to Bill Murray,
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. The movie is, to borrow Rob's phrase, unassailably cool.
    • Baltimore Sun
  6. Sugar is a near-great movie with qualities more unusual than some all-time classics. It resists cliche at every turn and puts something solid in its place: raw yet controlled observation that gives the film the form of a flexing muscle.
  7. The movie has dual strengths that silence most objections. Even more than "X-2" or "American Splendor," it is, in a good way, the most comic-booky movie of the year. It's also the human Winged Migration.
  8. It's every bit as thrilling and engrossing as the best spy thriller or cop flick.
  9. Director and dancers catch the audience up in a web of imagination.
  10. The Saddest Music In the World may not be for all tastes, but maybe it should be.
  11. It gets under your skin and into your head, and you don't want it to leave.
  12. A near-great British neo-noir, harsh yet hypnotic. Its psychological vortex can suck you in and leave you reeling.
  13. A thoughtful, engaging film.
  14. The movie's steady good humor and respect for character is pleasing - even energizing.
  15. If you have an ounce of romance in you, you'll sense your own inner Captain Blood emerge when Captain Shakespeare turns him into a dashing figure with a dangerous sword.
  16. The Breakfast Club meets Rear Window. The result should satisfy dating crowds from high school to night school.
  17. It's like a New York City equivalent of a Third World bazaar: It hums with nerviness and cunning. And this movie presents a tingling vision of a working neighborhood after hours. Night falls in Chop Shop like a comfort, a cloak or a shroud.
  18. A quiet, heartfelt story of love and loss.
  19. In every important way, Breach isn't just a solid thriller; it's also an ambitious and engrossing piece of narrative journalism.
  20. The whole film is about innocence and experience, and if it isn't a Blakean song, it is a sturdy and vibrant piece of prose.
  21. Who Killed the Electric Car? makes you feel that no good idea, let alone good deed, goes unpunished. Only the exuberance of the moviemaking keeps your spirits high.
  22. The stripped-down filmmaking preserves the abruptness and surprise of the happy (and unhappy) accidents Reverend Billy finds at every stop along the way, from Manhattan to Anaheim.
  23. Jacobson and his actors do so much with the characters that they leave an ambiguous residue of blood-streaked regrets and sadness.
  24. Despite the merry duo of Ford and Connery, The Last Crusade offered a familiar pursuit of the Holy Grail. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull makes a better move: It goes back to the future. Once again, the Indiana Jones series is the rare franchise that treasures knowledge and embraces the unknown.
  25. Both a condemnation of torture as a political tool and a tribute to the bravery that exists within everyone.
  26. No one has caught the pride, remorse and pain of an unloved and possibly unlovable husband better than Edward Norton in The Painted Veil.
  27. Both handmade and souped-up, it beautifully renders two types of camaraderie: the bonds among eccentrics and the fellowship of speed.
  28. Despite the movie's several shortcomings, it leaves us sated. That's because, unlike Oliver's workhouse, it does give "some more" - more emotional breadth, more hardscrabble farce, and more haunting drama.
  29. A humorous bounty of flesh and fantasy.
  30. Will Ferrell does chicken-fried comedy right: with crackpot discipline and stripped-to-the-beer-belly courage.

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