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1,999 movie reviews
  1. Live-In Maid is a lived-in movie. Its cataclysms may be small in scale, but the movie brings us so far into these women's lives that a shattered cup creates an earthquake.
  2. If you have an ounce of romance in you, you'll sense your own inner Captain Blood emerge when Captain Shakespeare turns him into a dashing figure with a dangerous sword.
  3. With Joan Allen bringing a crisp intelligence to the sharp, unsentimental narration, it's both awful and fascinating to follow Hitler's warped growth from frustrated painter to self-appointed arbiter of Germanic art.
  4. Berg doesn't let up on the tension, even when the action is bloodless.
  5. In the strongest scenes, Ben Affleck gets his lead actors to extract the bitter juice from Lehane's wood-alcohol prose. The movie has its horrifying Gothic twists and turns, but it's never better than when it takes these two into places where the underclass goes to forget or be forgotten or get lost.
  6. This Christmas is the rare movie about a cozy household at holiday time that's as funny and dramatic and poignant as any seasonal family get-together should be.
  7. The stripped-down filmmaking preserves the abruptness and surprise of the happy (and unhappy) accidents Reverend Billy finds at every stop along the way, from Manhattan to Anaheim.
  8. Philip Seymour Hoffman steals the movie.
  9. Tightly scripted and intricately plotted, the buddy film manages the neat two-step of being simultaneously profane and engaging.
  10. The Duchess of Langeais is a romantic dance of death.
  11. It's like a New York City equivalent of a Third World bazaar: It hums with nerviness and cunning. And this movie presents a tingling vision of a working neighborhood after hours. Night falls in Chop Shop like a comfort, a cloak or a shroud.
  12. It's an unusual and engaging romantic comedy because it's mostly about how these women ready each other for real love.
  13. The shows themselves are extraordinary, especially Japan's Ichigei group, which has the all-out fun and athleticism of a vitaminized Twyla Tharp troupe.
  14. There's little time for nuance in Stop-Loss, and it doesn't deny any of the film's power to wish Peirce would occasionally slow things down enough to let her audience ponder what they're seeing.
  15. What gives the film a haunting and sometimes droll poetic unity is the way co-directors Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen trace all their characters moving in a jellyfish-like fashion.
  16. Kung fu purists may scoff, but escapists with a sense of humor should romp through The Forbidden Kingdom.
  17. By far the most purely entertaining of all his films to reach these shores, Roman de Gare is the rare trick film in which all the tricks reveal something amusing, involving or poignant about its characters.
  18. Despite the merry duo of Ford and Connery, The Last Crusade offered a familiar pursuit of the Holy Grail. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull makes a better move: It goes back to the future. Once again, the Indiana Jones series is the rare franchise that treasures knowledge and embraces the unknown.
  19. What's bleakly hilarious about the whole movie is that Bekmambetov directs the nonaction scenes just as hyperbolically.
  20. The Last Mistress turns the melodramatic pieties of films like Fatal Attraction inside out. The anti-heroine acts like a vampire in reverse: Even when she drinks the anti-hero's blood, she makes him feel more alive.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Breaks no new ground in romantic comedy. But it finds ways to make the tried and true scenes -- a hilarious break-up in a restaurant, a nearly disrupted wedding -- new and funny.
    • Baltimore Sun
  21. The cast of Rain is first-rate, especially Wierzbicki and Peirse, whose tense relationship is as loving as it is competitive.
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 48 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    OK, so some of the scenes are a sham, but the mountain of suspense and adventure is enough to keep you captivated.
  22. This is Forster's show, and he doesn't disappoint.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. Nicholson is terrific here, in a role that demands he act, rather than just be Jack.
    • Baltimore Sun
  24. There's good trash: throwaway, intellectually undemanding action movies that, despite their heavy body counts and hard edges, are executed with a touch of class and a sunny disposition.
  25. The film has a lot of right in it, including an ending that's suitably uncertain, but fraught with possibilities.
    • Baltimore Sun
  26. It was a time in history eminently worth celebrating on film.
    • Baltimore Sun
  27. For movie fans who despair of the state of American cinema, the in-jokes are hilarious.
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. A kinetically charged gridiron drama that is enormous fun to watch.
    • Baltimore Sun

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