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1,999 movie reviews
  1. The problem with Confessions of a Shopaholic isn't conspicuous consumption. It's ostentatious idiocy.
  2. But The Ugly Truth can't escape its own ugly truth, that the central characters are written to extremes both ludicrous and tiring.
  3. The Hangover is like an infernal comedy machine. Surrender your soul to its foul mesh of cheap cleverness and vulgarity. and you howl like a delighted demon. Resist, and you feel all sense and sensibility being crushed in its cogs.
  4. Will pop your eyes without tickling your funny bone.
  5. 17 Again errs not only by covering such well-trod ground, but also by doing so through a main character - played by a game but ill-served Zac Efron - who's about as dense as they come.
  6. Sheila Bernette, as an aged pickpocket, is less a stereotype than an escapee from some provincial British comedy of the early 1950s. But she steals necklaces and knickknacks with such finesse and gusto that she also steals the movie.
  7. The low points in this movie aren't just catastrophic: they're bewildering.
  8. The only hope for Inglourious Basterds is that audiences will embrace it the way the Broadway crowd did "Springtime for Hitler": because it's so bad they think it's good.
  9. The latest failed Hollywood attempt to make a movie from a video game.
  10. Was the Swedish director, Mikael Hafstrom, taking revenge on the American star system?
  11. The surefire laugh-getter centers on using a tampon to stop a nosebleed. Watching this movie, I had to hope it could stop brain-drain.
  12. It's hard, bordering on impossible, to evaluate this movie without stepping on people's beliefs.
  13. The second movie, Dead Man's Chest, is everything you feared the first would be: a theme-park spectacle lasting 2 1/2 hours.
  14. At least "White Chicks" had a point behind the humor.
  15. If you're not a fan of M. Night Shyamalan's convoluted, teasing thrillers, you'll find that getting into this movie is like cracking a puzzle in which the constructor keeps breaking his own rules or grabbing new ones from ultra-thin air.
  16. Forget any hope of raffish adventure if you think of seeing Flyboys.
  17. By the end, it doesn't even have the courage of its political incorrectness.
  18. A catastrophically messy action-movie mash-up.
  19. A movie made at wits' end. There are four or five authentic laughs in the whole 170-minute extravaganza.
  20. The Loss of Sexual Innocence is belabored, pretentious and often willfully opaque. [25 Jun 1999]
    • Baltimore Sun
  21. Formulaic 'Chuck & Larry' is a crass, unfulfilling effort.
  22. A ham-fisted cautionary tale of religious fanaticism that would have been hooted out of even 19th-century theaters as melodrama of the most lurid kind.
  23. The movie has nothing to offer except titillation.
  24. Is there anything more pathetic than a movie that will do anything for a laugh or a tear that doesn't get any laughs or tears?
  25. It's as if all the digital tools of new millennial filmmaking fell into the hands of men who had less storytelling sense than a campfire bard or a cave painter.
  26. In this film, Soderbergh appears to judge the actors by how well they spew or swallow bile.
    • Baltimore Sun
  27. Goes straight to hell, and in this case it is its own handbasket.
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 25 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The script is drippy, humor-free and old-fashioned:
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. Bottom line: Juwanna Mann is a drag - in every sense of the word.
    • Baltimore Sun
  29. As ugly, excessive and vulgar as "The Usual Suspects" was stylish, subtle and suave.

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