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1,999 movie reviews
  1. The result is harrowing and inspiring. As escapist entertainment, it's the movie of the year.
  2. That rare kids' movie that may be even more entertaining for its intended audience's adult companions.
    • Baltimore Sun
  3. Up
    Everything about Up is an up, in the most visceral and poetic ways.
  4. Prove(s) once again how ingenious, artful and flat-out entertaining animation can be.
  5. Kore-eda expresses the terror of the kids' predicament with a touch that's equally tender and dispassionate.
  6. Thanks to a combination of fluid camerawork and careful pacing, the Belgian writer-directors have produced a compelling narrative that sounds, if not a cautionary note, a worried one.
  7. The best part of Little Women is that it tells a great big story. [24 Dec 1994]
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. For Americans, Gomorrah will play like every other Mafia epic - and no other Mafia epic.
  9. Little miracles spring up throughout this picture.
  10. Park's imagination is as fecund as the bunnies that bob up and down from their rabbit holes in every corner of the Tottington garden.
  11. The true heartbreak of Maria Full of Grace is that it never comes.
  12. A chilling reminder of the precipice the world stands on nowadays, from a man who looked over the edge more than once.
  13. Romanticism fights stoicism to a draw, and the movie grows ever more static, too. Down to the quasi-ambiguous hate-crime finish, Brokeback Mountain comes as close to being a still life as you can get with human characters.
  14. Bracingly honest and ceaselessly compelling documentary.
  15. Hard to take in its particulars.
  16. There's an element of the nature film to Grizzly Man, and those passages are truly stunning, offering an up-close look at these magnificent animals.
  17. Almodovar has created an ecstatic homage to the women who have inspired him all his life.
    • Baltimore Sun
  18. A big, fat old-fashioned gush of passion as drawn through a post-modernist prism that makes it less easily comprehensible but more beguiling.
    • Baltimore Sun
  19. Sokurov, for all his accomplishment, is less a bold innovator than a raider of lost art.
  20. Slumdog Millionaire dives headfirst into something greater than a subculture - the enormous unchronicled culture of India's mega-slums - and achieves even more sweeping impact.
  21. Offers a welcome continuation of what has proven a fascinating journey both for the film's 11 subjects (three of the 14 opted out of the project this go-round) and its audience.
    • Baltimore Sun
  22. An engaging yarn and a moving character study, but it's also a sweet, sad glimpse of everyone's future.
  23. In a boxing soap-opera way, Eastwood is trying to do for himself as a performer what Sergio Leone did for him in a spaghetti-western way: douse his rough-hewn banality with reflected emotional coloration.
  24. Too sketchy about her protagonist's interior life, and too fast and loose with the details of this story, to make much of an impact beyond its initial shock.
    • Baltimore Sun
  25. Rampling's authority over splintered emotions has the force of revelation.
  26. It's every bit as thrilling and engrossing as the best spy thriller or cop flick.
  27. The movie's cinematography is sumptuous, in its own intimate way. But all that's glorious about this film is the flesh tones. There isn't enough flesh and blood.
  28. In its peak moments, the movie delivers, all at once, genuine street wisdom and psychology and wrenching expressions of family and friendship.
  29. Thelma Schoonmaker, a Scorsese collaborator for over a quarter-century, did the bull's-eye editing. The moviemaking throughout is swift, unaffected, masterly.
  30. Best of all, Ponyo never ceases to be a genuine odyssey in short pants.

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