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  1. But while it shows Heche at an advantage, the series itself is, to tap into the script's car-driving metaphors, just a rusty old vehicle.
  2. It's a fun ride at first. The series is tightly plotted, and the twists create moments of satisfying intrigue ... But juicy plot turns alone cannot fuel a series for long, especially when they repeat themselves, and the limitations of "Falcone" become clearer in its second and third episodes. [4 Apr 2000]
    • Boston Globe
  3. Known for asking tough questions and being the cranky "America's Got Talent" judge, Morgan was indeed surprising--surprisingly soft. He failed to press Oprah hard on any of her more touchy-feely answers. And yet his Barbara Walters-esque method worked, to some extent, since Oprah is not one to bend to pressure.
  4. Revolution is just all right, no better, no worse.
  5. USA's Fairly Legal is fairly good. OK, I hate myself for that. But the phrase "fairly good" just seems so right in this case.
  6. The characters may be shallow, but that doesn’t keep the show from giving the easy pleasures of reading a quickie mystery novel. And a few of the actors are entertaining despite the limitations of the script.
  7. Television doesn't get any more visceral than this, and you will not soon forget images of the sky exploding into a rainstorm of parachutes, planes, and fire over Normandy, or American soldiers stumbling across a German death camp tucked in the forest...But as episodic television storytelling, Band of Brothers is less successful, marred not only by loose plot threads and war cliches but also by an excess of indistinct characters. [7 Dec 2001, p.C1]
    • Boston Globe
  8. You can feel creator Vince Gilligan (of "The X-Files") straining to build an emblematic American fable and forgetting to fill in his story with particularities and believable motivations.
  9. Margulies and Noth--both of whom have a similarly dark appeal--are well-matched onscreen. Alas, if you feel a “but’’ or two coming, you would be correct. The problem I have with The Good Wife is something that mars too much TV: telegraphing.
  10. I had hoped The Following' would be a more self-aware about its own violence... Instead, The Following simply goes for more generic thrills, using a lot of horror-story clichés including making the most virulent followers into boys and girls next door. It's a well put together show, so that the four episodes sent for preview flew by. But it doesn't invite bigger thoughts, which is what violent cable series such as "Dexter" and "Boardwalk Empire" have done at their best.
  11. Galavant is a musical spoof of knight-in-shining-armor stories that is slight, unoriginal, and uneven, but that can be amusing and diverting nonetheless.
  12. A slick effects extravaganza whose pilot episode kept me looking instead of enjoying.
  13. I love this show, because I love the wide-eyed star, who is fully engaged in her role here. If you dislike her hipster adorability, though, beware.
  14. The CW built this predictable teen supernatural romance as a companion to the similar and better "Vampire Diaries.".
  15. With J.J. Abrams as an executive producer, this tech-driven "Early Edition" is shockingly lifeless. Caviezel's Clint Eastwood impression is flat, and Emerson is too darkly eccentric to keep the drama afloat.
  16. The cast is an embarrassment of potential, but Dillon is wearing as a Drama-like dude; the cultural-obsession-with-youth trope is old; and the learning-to-be-a-man stuff is pat. It's very meh.
  17. It’s straining to be TV’s new obsession, instead of a riveting drama.
  18. The performances are relatively charming. ... But the script is so crammed with musty gender stereotypes and familiar dating tropes that everyone onscreen gets sucked into mediocrity.
  19. Strain to be the next 'Seinfeld' much? But this one has a strong cast, and punchy one-liners.
  20. It’s too broad and familiar to hold attention.
  21. The ambition is impressive...But Morrison is a wooden lead, and the back stories--a random collection of fairy tales--don't promise to surprise.
  22. The show is mildly entertaining at best, with a few pluses--unusual story lines, particularly the one set after World War II, some gorgeous scenery, and one or two likable performances--counterbalanced by a few negatives. Least tolerable among the negatives: the occasional Harlequin Romance moments that have you waiting for the lass to shed her corset while the evening wind blows through Fabio’s hair.
  23. The CW remake isn't awful, by any means. The pilot rushes ahead nicely, with a twist at the end that gestures toward many possible future plotlines. But we've seen the whole thing many times before.
  24. Lilley’s writing is sharp and funny. He has an uncanny insight into high school. But the story is slow to unfold, and after two or three episodes, the premise feels stretched as tightly as Lilley trying to squeeze into Ja’mie’s school uniform.
  25. It's made of familiar slacker material that's slightly freshened with an improvisatory feel as the actors um-and-ah their way to their punch lines. And it's blissfully missing the canned laughs that make the likes of ''That '70s Show" so obnoxious. Still, ''Free Ride" is far from essential TV viewing.
  26. The stereotypes in play on Accidentally on Purpose are flat, if harmless, from the get-go.
  27. The show isn't awful, just awfully mediocre. [6 Oct 2000, p.D1]
    • Boston Globe
  28. The regular characters are generic, and the plots are filled with holes. But as a mindless TV distraction bent on reminding us that the justice system is not perfect, ''In Justice" will do.
  29. While the pacing and acting of the new show is admirable, it's an overtold story and its familiarity lessens the intrigue. Baby, maybe he wasn't born to run, and run, and run. [6 Oct 2000, p.D1]
    • Boston Globe
  30. The material isn't nearly strong enough to support a full half-hour of TV.

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