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985 movie reviews
  1. The original Jonathan Ames novel from 1998 is a rich, funny and unusual work. The movie opts for the funny and unusual, leaving us with characters ill-equipped to rise above their shtick or engage our sympathy.
  2. While it isn't the only adaptation to give flesh (or ink) to Cleary's indomitable misfit, it's the most accessible retelling to date.
  3. In a crackerjack and very lean 100 minutes, the lithe and physically dynamic Jolie burns up the screen and shows the boys how it's done.
  4. Frank Ross' newest film, Audrey the Trainwreck, is at once utterly down home and completely philosophical.
  5. While this film has the trademark Solondz black comedy, it does not probe into deeper emotions as successfully as "Happiness" did.
  6. Tirador ’s frenetic style and locale will remind many viewers of Fernando Meirelles’ much-admired City of God.
  7. While in many respects Spoken Word is adequately specific, it's still not very deep.
  8. Some points are driven home over and over again and that repetition robs the doc of a bit of its power, but overall Countdown to Zero is effective and frightening.
  9. It's hard to watch Farewell without thinking of such '70s classics as "All the Presidents Men" and "Network," mature dramas that Hollywood has since all but abandoned (with intermittent exceptions like The Insider).
  10. Using clips from home movies, newsreels and public access TV, Davis does a heroic job of bringing the edgy and diffuse mixed-media New York art scene of the '80s back to life.
  11. In terms of sheer originality, ambition and achievement, Inception is the movie of the summer, the movie of the year and the movie of our dreams.
  12. The sweetest runaways you'll ever meet are pre-teens Kylie Lawless (Kelly O'Neill) and Dylan Dunne (Shane Curry).
  13. This is the kind of movie where the audience of extras orgasmically react after every song as if they were at a Bruce Springsteen concert instead of watching a bunch of kids who wouldn't make the cut in a junior high production of "Bye Bye Birdie."
  14. A beguiling cross between fiction and non-fiction, Alamar regards the relationship three Mexican males have with the sea.
  15. Big and brash with a fantasia of battles and chases thrown in to keep the young ones enthralled for its nearly two-hour running time.
  16. A rousingly funny, heartfelt and imaginative 'toon blessed with the vocal talents of Steve Carell and loaded with whimsy and smarts.
  17. Predators is sometimes silly and hardly original, but it delivers the thrills.
  18. The movie is really best enjoyed as a fun little addendum to a profanity-laden chapter in New Media history.
  19. A movie that overrules logic irritates its audience; we don't like to be reminded that there's a writer pulling the strings. And here, the POV horror is a conceit as well as a distraction, a crutch to create suspense from shaky, dark footage.
  20. The soul of the movie is Mia Wasikowska, a radiant young actress who captures with quiet precision the quandary of a bookish "good girl" suddenly roused to wider personal and experiential possibilities, and to their potential cost.
  21. In any case, The Girl Who Played with Fire works well as a stand-alone feature, though it's more fun if you've seen the first film.
  22. First time documentarian Angela Ismailos has interviewed ten noteworthy international directors about their art, and then cut them together by skipping back and forth between their voices like an iPod in shuffle mode.
  23. The problems begin with Shyamalan's script, which is an orgy of exposition. The characters explain and explain and explain some more, points driven home with the subtlety of a jackhammer.
  24. Eclipse has its cheesecake and eats it, too.
  25. Most of its truth (and any irony) is undercut by director Vikram Jayanti's fawning approach.
  26. Love Ranch proves to be a provocative, highly entertaining and surprisingly touching peek into a unique world movies don't often explore.
  27. Current Saturday Night Live (SNL) comic Will Forte may have bombed in the recent SNL spin-off "MacGruber," but a dream team of SNL alums, including ringleader Adam Sandler, put the luster back in the SNL reputation with the audience-pleasing, all-ages comedy Grown Ups.
  28. The filmmakers have created a wrenching piece of work that allows the viewer to draw his own conclusions-and should make anyone of whatever political persuasion think about exactly what they mean when claiming to "support the troops."
  29. Dogtooth will begin to open the door for U.S. specialty audiences to discover Lanthimos as a new master and anticipate his future films.
  30. Stone embarrasses himself by backing the wrong horse and then making a weak case for him.

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