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1,461 movie reviews
  1. Embodies all that's wrong with the sellout culture of Hollywood.
  2. Emotionally stultifying and brain-dead.
  3. Spike Lee's films have been provocative, blunt, thoughtful, misguided, daring, sentimental, funny, honest and silly. But 25th Hour earns the director two new adjectives: irrelevant and tedious.
  4. I think this camp classic is an accident along the lines of "Showgirls": howlingly funny, filled with gratingly earnest performances, riddled with dialogue that will be quoted at parties.
  5. A painful bore.
  6. Weak, obligatory stabs at humor make it more generic than it might've been.
  7. And what of Roger Avary, the writer who shared the Academy Award for writing with Tarantino? He continues to plummet toward oblivion with The Rules of Attraction, which ranks with the Great Pyramid of Khufu as a monument to self-indulgence.
  8. Bertino directs at a funereal pace. Speedman remains comatose, though Tyler flickers fitfully to life. The mournful look on her face suggests she's remembering the days when she was given more psychologically complex scripts, such as "Armageddon."
  9. It's an uncoordinated, flailing hodgepodge of music videos, chases, crashes and moronic plot twists.
  10. This script by the husband-and-wife team of Leora Barish and Henry Bean is hopelessly contrived and takes forever to get to the point. (I warn you: The film does not absolutely identify the killer.)
  11. I do have one overpowering Y2K fear: that Hollywood will keep belching out movies as excruciatingly dull, brutal, mindless and overlong as End of Days.
  12. Just when the story reaches its idiotic nadir, Neil (Diamond) shows up to save the day with a song and a smile.
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  13. The worst horror sequel of this or many another summer.
  14. It's bombastic, chaotic, plodding, visually dreary and patchily written.
  15. Zomboid, convoluted excuse for a thriller is among year's worst.
  16. Whenever the music subsides and the characters speak the Coens' lines, the film turns back into mush.
  17. About 45 minutes into Swordfish, the picture degenerates permanently from drivel to sleaze (only a short drop).
  18. The most catastrophic misfire in a dreadful movie season.
  19. Director Vondie Curtis-Hall has managed to top (or should I say "bottom"?) his last theatrical release, Mariah Carey's "Glitter," with a movie that offers not one praiseworthy moment: not a scene, not a performance, not a technical achievement, not even a line of dialogue.
  20. Bad actors, bad music and bad plot make it a hellish bummer.
  21. It's well-shot and well-edited by Hollywood standards, though special effects don't reach the top Hollywood level. The stars have their hearts in their work: Cameron and Johnson don't have great depth but give their all. Currie makes a subtle villain.

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