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  1. The whole thing seems to have been faked up for our amusement, like a circus freak show.
  2. Beyond the philosophizing, Mean Girls is a standard collection of low comic jokes.
  3. The team of four writers supplies one surprise, and you’ll wait 90 minutes to see it. Before and afterward, stereotypical genre characters get trotted out.
  4. The final failure comes in a climax that defies science, good taste and common sense.
  5. The reason to see the movie is Field.
  6. The biggest irony of this project is that it was made by a company that calls itself Original Film but has produced perhaps the least original movie of the year so far.
  7. The Bronze is one of those faux-naughty comedies that simply doesn’t have the courage of its lack of convictions.
  8. There is indeed a murder - two of them, in fact - and the movie proceeds strictly by the numbers laid down long ago in some by-the-book Hollywood writing class.
  9. It's clumsy revisionism. As storytelling, its simplistic characters and ludicrous situations would embarrass a ninth-grader shooting a short film on a digital phone. Not one of its alleged revelations has the power to surprise.
  10. The movie veers from cleverness to crass stupidity. You can never tell whether the next scene will induce loud laughter or contempt; for me, Dodgeball divided right down the middle.
  11. A safe same-sex movie the family can embrace. At heart, it's a Britcom: a British situation comedy with superficial characters, mildly naughty humor and a familiarity that may make even homophobes comfy.
  12. Like the star's acting, the movie is bland, full of good intentions and generally as stiff as a fireplace poker.
  13. The special effects, with one painful exception, hold up beautifully. But the people have no personalities, the story is unconvincing, and the whole movie is as shallow as the puddle left on a flat roof by a 20-minute shower.
  14. Eventually, though, the movie turns into a "Touched By An Angel" knockoff that dares us not to reach for a hankie while we succumb to its comforting message.
  15. So despite fine acting and swift pacing and well-managed effects, it falls apart.
  16. Outdated before it opened today.
  17. Goodman exudes doltish kindness, Dillon a hapless gentleness, Reiser a vulgar buoyancy. Douglas turns in the best performance.
  18. Partly a travelogue for the Greek islands, partly a simplistic love story, and generally a rehash of the Oscar-winning "Mediterraneo," as if we needed even the first one.
  19. King Kong, a labor of love that's visually stunning and moving in its best moments, is also bloated, shallow, clunky, full of illogical scenes and at least an hour too long.
  20. A typical shallow caper film. Just assume the truth is the exact opposite of what's happening.
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  21. Crash. Kick. Stab. Punch. Talk (briefly). Smash. Chase. Screech. Shoot. Mumble. That's the wearying pattern of Safe House. Had "think" been an action verb, the movie might have risen above the knee-jerk excitement of the second-tier, "Bourne"-style spy thriller. But it never does.
  22. Most of the time the movie limps amiably toward its feeble conclusion.
  23. Somewhere inside "School" lurks a heartwarming or hilarious movie, perhaps both.
  24. Good acting from the three principals – four, if we count Max Thieriot as the son – keeps this leaky craft afloat for quite a while.
  25. (The filmmaker) never does achieve the breakthrough with her father that she and we hoped for.
  26. The yarn itself is a winning one.
  27. By refusing to take anything seriously (including himself), Shatner lifts the movie to a truly funny level of absurdity. Soon, though, it goes back to being the type of buddy picture Hollywood stamps out like stale cookies.
  28. These pros lift this button-pushing blob of faux folksiness to a higher plane than it deserves.
  29. This installment, which is subtitled "Give Us Your Money, Sheep," really isn't a Pirates of the Caribbean movie at all.
  30. Mature folks may wonder why a simple and simply beautiful story from their youth has been buried under layers of emotion Woody Allen's psychiatrist might want to pick over.

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