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1,439 movie reviews
  1. A tribute to anyone who ever picked up a score, a pen, a paintbrush or a grease pencil - or a movie camera.
  2. The usually quiet Zellweger is the revelation: Like her character, the actress seems happily amazed to find herself crossing a polished dance floor, sheathed in silk and diamonds, having the naughty, self-glorifying time of her life.
  3. Classically scary.
    • Charlotte Observer
  4. A spruced-up version has been re-released after 22 years, and the addition of 43 minutes means the story really has room to breathe.
  5. For a movie that ends in the profoundest depths of sadness, Boys Don't Cry contains one of the year's purest moments of joy.
  6. Just as moving, uplifting and funny as ever in its slightly modified form.
  7. The most atmospheric thing in the movie is Farnsworth's face.
  8. A dark comedy that's as emotionally honest as any picture of 2002.
  9. Jackson surpasses the expectations anyone might have had for him with The Fellowship of the Ring, the first installment of his trilogy devoted to J.R.R. Tolkien's masterwork.
  10. One of the most uncompromisingly bleak films I've ever seen.
  11. Yet its visual surrealism, identity-bending and strong social/ecological message make it as much an allegory as a fable.
  12. Pixar's employees, masters of computer-generated animation, capture the look of the ocean like no artists before.
  13. Pearce, who's in every scene except the Sammy flashbacks, dominates the picture through his feral performance.
  14. Watching it again reminded me how remarkably the sound engineers did their jobs. Listen to the subtly amplified heartbeat - Ripley's? the ship's? - that pulses under the soundtrack through the last 15 minutes.
  15. Its uniqueness lies in its juxtaposition of happy faces and unhappy realities, of fleeting expressions of art and culture undone by daily brutality.
  16. Jackson had the vision, persistence, insight and patience for this mighty job, plus the smarts to shape stage veterans and overlooked film actors into a seamless cast. He's made himself as immortal as a movie director can be.
  17. The film's proudest boast is that nary a frame comes from documentary footage...Every riot, every explosion, every seemingly spontaneous gundown in the streets of Algiers was staged, then shot in black-and-white stock that intentionally echoes newsreel footage.
  18. Warms the heart while chilling the bones.
  19. This meditation on spirituality, loneliness and accountability could touch your heart's core.
  20. Breathtaking masterpiece.
  21. U.S. geography doesn't matter to Payne. He always charts the terrain of the human heart, and he's among the wisest of mapmakers.
  22. He's (Yimou) like a painter combining bloody reds, sunshine yellows and pale blues in the harmony of a masterpiece.
  23. Reveals the drama and degredation so powerfully that it ranks among the all-time heavyweights of sports movies.
  24. What surprises us most is the picture's topicality, and not just because terrorists crashed a plane into the Pentagon three years ago.
  25. One of the most heartbreaking, unforgettable dramas in years.
  26. For the first time since "X-Men," I was on the edge of my seat anticipating a sequel, wondering who'd play the Joker and how quickly Nolan - it must be Nolan! - can bring the next chapter of this story to the screen.
  27. A picture from an old man working at the top of his game.
  28. Squid keeps you on your toes, but payoffs will have you smiling - maybe in rueful recognition of the truth - in scene after scene.
  29. It'll preach mainly to the choir - lazy thinkers won't attend, despite George Clooney's attachment as director and actor - but maybe it'll wake a few sleepers.
  30. The giddiest and funniest animated film of the year.

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