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1,407 movie reviews
  1. This picture won't attract white audiences. I doubt that blacks would flock to a Jerry Seinfeld concert film. But we'd all get along better if we realized we had the right to laugh at each other's foibles
  2. It really gets gloomy.
  3. A middlebrow hybrid that should satisfy most fans of spy movies without blowing them away.
  4. If it were 10 minutes shorter, it would've been just the right length and almost wholly honest.
  5. (Jarmusch's) most accessible film after "Night on Earth," yet it's still elliptical and enigmatic.
  6. It's hardly a balanced biography: There's no mention of Jordan's gambling problems or connections with Nike, whose factories overseas were criticized for underpaying workers and treating them badly.
  7. It pays homage to the genre's most glorious days.
  8. Anyone familiar with the movies of Julio Medem knows where "Sex and Lucia" is going. Or, rather, knows that it's impossible to know.
  9. A rarely honest, funny movie.
  10. Juuso, who made her film debut at 22 in this movie, is spunky and funny. The two guys play off each other like bickering old pals, and so they are: They and the director have worked together on three movies and a TV show over the last decade.
  11. Wandering, atmospheric, episodic yet strangely appealing story of love.
  12. At its best, the movie powerfully indicts our violent history. A montage of bloody U.S. interventions in foreign affairs over the last half-century, most overthrowing elected governments we didn't like, left me shaken.
  13. It's packed with such passion, humor, fine acting in small roles - there are no big ones - and vitality in the storytelling that the lesson comes across entertainingly.
  14. Try as he might, (Hanks) is miscast in Road to Perdition, a partly satisfying gangster drama that amounts to less than the sum of its handsome parts.
  15. This fairy-tale quality gives director Clooney, who's making his debut behind the camera, his stylistic clue. He's in perfect sync with writer Kaufman; they treat even the most "serious" scenes like Monty Python routines.
  16. The first movie I'd have enjoyed more asleep. That's not because it put me to sleep, but because it may be the most dreamlike film I've ever seen.
  17. Nobody smells of sagebrush, campfire coffee, tobacco (smoked or chewed) and saddle soap like Duvall.
  18. Bardem delivers the kind of performance the director might have given himself: subdued, thoughtful, wry, sometimes a bit too detached.
  19. Seeing Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is like having a second date with the woman who made you fall in love at first sight.
  20. By the end, an end that has a little too much melodrama to it, we can only shake our heads in wonder.
  21. Reflective, deliberate, building gradually to a climax that left me touched.
  22. Gripping, improbable plot marked by exciting sequences of action.
  23. It's handsomely shot, acted with fervor and reasonably subtle in delivering its message:
  24. Fuqua and his writers, Alex Lasker and Patrick Cirillo, have delivered not only the most satisfying and plausible action movie in months but one that's accidentally timely.
  25. Grant handles the slapstick humor gracefully and speaks his lines with sincerity and warmth.
  26. Plusses and minuses work out about evenly, if you compare the sequel to "Sorcerer's Stone." The three young leads act with more assurance; Radcliffe emerges as a leader, rather than one leg of a triangle. (Too bad he no longer expects to make all seven of the proposed pictures.)
  27. Like the story, Kline builds in intensity: He has no flowery speeches that would be untrue to his character, but he leaves a clear impression of a man who values knowledge and the imparting of it above all else.
  28. So wild an approach demands straightforward performances that don't draw attention to themselves, and that's what the actors supply.
  29. Watchable family films are so rare these days that we shouldn't put a stake through one with so much heart.
  30. Alfred Molina makes an excellent foil as the easygoing, philandering Rivera, whose public murals were the exact opposite of Frida's private canvases.

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