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  1. This remarkable British silent (1929) is special in many ways.
  2. The grand architecture of Milan and the icy rhythms of composer John Adams set the tone for this elegant Italian drama about the suffocating power of family, wealth, and tradition.
  3. One hell of a movie.
  4. This moving documentary sidesteps the usual art-world debates over the authenticity and legitimacy of outsider work; instead director Jeff Malmberg simply immerses us in Hogancamp's world, just as Hogancamp immerses himself in the title town and its horrors.
  5. Under the thoughtful direction of Guy Ferland - what emerges is solid and affecting.
  6. It may not be “The Bridges of Madison County,” but the latest Kevin Costner romance is nearly as good as they get.
  7. This is a powerful story and a splendid spectacle.
  8. There are even more characters of interest here than in "Nashville."
  9. A compellingly watchable, suspenseful, and often funny treatment of a grim subject--the hatred that can build up in a long-term marriage--that also becomes an indirect commentary on yuppie materialism.
  10. Not only Waters's best movie, but a crossover gesture that expands his appeal without compromising his vision one iota; Ricki Lake as the hefty young heroine is especially delightful.
  11. A superior nail-biter.
  12. Exciting and innovative feature.
  13. Almost cagily creating understated drama from high-stakes reality.
  14. Their calm assurance -- Hallyday as a grizzled icon, Rochefort as a melancholy mensch -- is a pleasure to behold.
  15. Most fascinating about this PBS documentary is the unflinching look at the dynamics of the three generations involved.
  16. With the devout collaboration of the cast, Williams blurs the boundary between experience and storytelling as if the distinction were not only irrelevant but presumptuous.
  17. This offbeat and unpredictable comedy-thriller throws so many curveballs, one right after another, that I doubt I've had more fun at an American movie this year.
  18. Powerful.
  19. This installment delivers more of the pleasures that made Tarantino the wunderkind of 90s cinema: offbeat scumbag characters, narrative sleight of hand, an extraordinary visual sense, and affectionate genre pillaging.
  20. This 1964 entry is the most enjoyable of the James Bond thrillers starring Sean Connery—perhaps because it's the most comic and cartoony in look as well as conception. Still, it's every bit as imperialist and misogynistic as the other screen adventures based on Ian Fleming's books.
  21. His first feature in 21 years, this is also Monte Hellman's finest work, a hall-of-mirrors masterpiece about moviemaking with diversions more complex, and more enticing, than in the director's previous efforts (Ride in the Whirlwind, Two-Lane Blacktop).
  22. This remains one of Godard's most appealing and underrated films, relatively relaxed and strangely optimistic.
  23. Alternately harrowing and humbling, this is a story of ordinary men whose compassion is tested in the cruelest, most profound fashion.
  24. The cast as a whole is astonishing--especially Gillian Anderson as Lily and Dan Aykroyd in his finest role to date.
  25. It's Tykwer's most assured picture to date, and like much of Kieslowski's best work it qualifies simultaneously as engrossing narrative and philosophical parable.
  26. Sly, inventively drawn, brilliantly executed cartoon.
  27. It has all the virtues of fine stage drama: narrative economy, honest emotion, and characters so closely defined that the most pedestrian encounters between them are revelatory.
  28. Sinister and beautiful, this mostly black-and-white animation from France culls the talents of six artists and designers.
  29. Gast does a nice job of building the suspense leading up to the fight, fleshing out the story with some good color commentary by a handful of people (filmed by director Taylor Hackford, who wisely convinced Gast that these reminiscences and remarks would fill in some historical gaps).
    • 77 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    A marvelous sense of detail and spectacular effects--good fun all the way.

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