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  1. A lighthearted blend of action, drama and comedy.
  2. A winsome opportunist (Luke Arnold), a ruthless captain (Toby Stephens) and a tough-talking tavern owner (Hannah New) are just a few of the colorful characters involved in a brutal power grab in the 18th century Bahamas.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The language on Kings is similarly stilted but lacks "Deadwood" writer/producer David Milch's passionate and intellectual punch. King Silas may not be as deliciously Machiavellian as Al Swearingen, but McShane does deliver--and he cleans up well.
  3. Original, it's not. But these friends do have chemistry, and some great moments as a hipster Greek chorus.
  4. The episode feels contrived, as the characters are introduced and try too hard to prove their anarchic cool. The next three episodes, though, are surprisingly thoughtful and even a little punk poetic.
  5. A dull, plodding and predictable letdown. Apart from showing us some very lovely breasts, it squanders the freedom of pay-cable by going for obvious gags and even more obvious plot developments. [17 June 1999, p.55]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  6. Wells' seemingly infallible memory takes some fun out of the guesswork and doesn't add enough spice to what's ultimately just another helping of TV comfort food.
  7. I'm not positive, but I think "Justice" is terrible, at least the first episode.
  8. When it comes to most of the rookie characters and the plot, nothing in the pilot of NYC 22 jumps out as being particularly original or interesting.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    The first episode's biggest flaw is that it lacks humor, a hallmark of Whedon's writing. Thankfully, this is rectified in future episodes.
  9. Schaeffer's come up with original, fascinating characters who, as Dorothy Parker would say, might as well live.
  10. If you're looking for a new cop drama to serve and protect your entertainment interests, leave the rookies alone to ripen, and go for a ride-along with Jason Lee's Dwight. Blue suede shoes not required.
  11. As far as junk like this goes, it's not heinous and has moments of OK-ness.
  12. The script -- like the direction and acting -- is only half on.
  13. It's sleek and mildly epic-looking. But qualitywise, I'm wondering where the storyline is going other than just the soapy family fights.
  14. Compelling... While "The Apprentice" is not without its humor as the budding entrepreneurs inevitably stumble and jostle for position, this is a show that runs counter to the current trend in reality TV in which the wealthy are ridiculed. Instead, it shows the hard work and innovation required to become rich. [7 Jan 2004]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  15. Intelligence feels more like a dumb action movie.
  16. There's no skimping on the sordid and blunt evidence, but the cases are absorbing. And unlike "Law & Order," which had a way of leaving us hanging, we do learn the "whole truth" by the end of each episode. You can't put a price on closure.
  17. The acting is solid, the scenery is appealing and Becca's quest to find her son provides a fair bit of dramatic tension. But what's really missing is credibility.
  18. But instead of filling that "AMC" slot with something fresh and new, all we get are stale leftovers.
  19. The only buoy that may keep you holding on week-to-week is the entertaining interplay between Blackbeard and honorable spy-surgeon Tom Lowe.
  20. Delany is as likable as possible in an extremely unlikable role. But the writing is a bit too tidy, and Delany's smarty-pants approach gets old in the first 10 minutes.
  21. Heavy-handed.
  22. In the premiere at least, the story unfolds nicely--and to the tune of a good soundtrack. When the episode ended, I wanted to know more about the Circle, both its history and where it's headed.
  23. It's hard to say how the series will play out because by the end of the first episode Mom has declared that the family is going straight. In this, I hope they fail.
  24. If nothing else, Breakout Kings is a nice travelogue of the country's prisons. Here's hoping there's a juicy episode coming up for Stateville. But the gratuitous violence and creepiness will turn off a lot of viewers.
  25. The show's humor is tepid at best. The characters are mostly annoying--and bereft of the vulnerability and honesty that make you want to root for the similarly self-involved twentysomethings in "Girls."
    • 56 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Based on the first action-packed and fun episode, it looks like Kring and crew have succeeded in pulling out of their sophomore slump.
  26. Babylon 5 promises to be a welcome addition to the ever-expanding sci-fi universe. [24 Jan 1994, p.31]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  27. This undercooked stew gets bogged down in attempts to show the softer side of men, though Dotrice's dotty bromides are good for a chuckle. [6 Oct 2000, p.55]
    • Chicago Sun-Times

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