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528 tv reviews
  1. At least season five starts better than Italy ended. The brood is back where they belong.
  2. It’s sexy, pretty and fun, but don’t use it to cram for that European history exam. The show plays fast and loose with the facts.
  3. Ritter and Sagal are old pros, but they can't salvage material this weak. [17 Sep 2002]
  4. I suppose you could say that the show has admiral goals--to pay homage to the art of the insult, and to break new ground in paralysis humor--but it's uncomfortable to watch
  5. Haven succeeds at laying on the whimsy, and the dialogue is cute. But it's impossible to follow the investigation, and each discovery raises more questions--not about the supernatural, but about the holes in the script.
  6. All the doom and dread is diverting enough, but the real mystery is this: Will "Happy Town" turn out to be something original -- or just a medley of Freddy Krueger's greatest hits?
  7. The 13-part series feels like a G-rated version of that HBO hit, without the top-notch writing and production. Even so, it’s decent, family-friendly escapism for fans of supernatural TV.
  8. "Numb3rs" isn't awful, but it's also not as smart, inventive or layered as its characters need to be and often seem. [21 Jan 2005]
  9. The debut episode isn't so bad. The action is fairly taut, except for a dumb foot chase. The direction is tight, despite a few improbable twists.
  10. "Runaway" isn't offensively awful. It's passively poor.
  11. "Easy" does it with sex, violence and pungent humor. It's hot and spicy, if that's your taste. [9 Aug 1996, p.51]
  12. It's a well-done project, but I do have some minor complaints.
  13. We fear [Family Guy] already may be out of material. [9 Apr 1999]
  14. "Out of Practice" lives in a comedy vacuum: All its laughs are trapped inside and can't get out.
  15. The jokes are often as juvenile as the juveniles, which makes for some relaxing sitcom viewing. If the writers can stay away from any sort of tenderness, they might have a winner on their hands.
  16. [It is] a mess of unconvincing drama, and the acting veers from magnificent to quite poor.
  17. There are a lot of studious, high-achiever kids. Lauren is an anomaly. She is the lucky one. The one with an MTV camera crew for a resume. The pretty one with petty friends who melt in bikinis by blue-green pools of entitlement and argue idly with quarrelsome, spoiled boyfriends.
  18. There are some great lines, but it seems like a predictable formula: Get one couple together per episode, flirt with doctor. Where's the magic in that?
  19. At least "Lost" and "Heroes" give us a sci-fi excuse to forgive illogical stretches of the imagination.
  20. What started off last year as a promising sci-fi summer series quickly devolved into a silly mess.
  21. If you’re into The Vampire Diaries (I’m not), you’ll get sucked into this sleek spinoff.
  22. Rookie Blue makes every rookie mistake there is. And the main message going out to the public about new police recruits? "They're so cute!"
  23. Parker projects a saucy style, but her Carrie character comes across as an arrogant skeptic with an I-don't-really-care attitude. She avoids emotional risks. Despite her rampant curiosity and calculated posing, Carrie prefers to keep her distance as a journalist. [4 June 1998, p.43]
  24. Goofy and good-hearted, '3rd Rock' winks at the human condition. [8 Jan 1996]
  25. So far Deception feels like one long TV crime drama where everyone takes turns standing under a cloud of suspicion.
  26. The dramatic structure is overorganized around the linear detective-ing, and the show's too Dan-centric without a "Quantum Leap"-like partner to spice things up.
  27. The Gates feels like it's been pieced together from so many other shows that it resembles the one monster that's not been included: Frankenstein.
  28. Pretty Little Liars doesn't have the sense of humor -- or the wardrobe -- of "Gossip Girl." In fact, a surprising number of scenes call for bikinis. But the ongoing mystery (not to mention a secret referred only to "the Jenna thing") may prove irresistible to young people.
  29. Instead of Ryan being a complex antihero with shades of gray, he’s more like a boring beige.
  30. It's a fairly entertaining show right out of the gate, though it's distractingly busy with a gimmick: Poorly edited flashbacks pop up suddenly to show what victims were doing in the moments before they suffered health problems. This could be done well, but it's not now.

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