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Highest review score: 100 Life, Above All
Lowest review score: 0 Death Wish II
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5716 movie reviews
  1. An inept assembly of ill-matched plot points, meandering through a production that has attractive art direction (despite the immobile mouths).
  2. Love is blind, and movies about that blindness can be maddening.
  3. She is also, we sense, a woman of great generosity of spirit, and a TV natural: The star she most reminds me of is Lucille Ball.
  4. Lacking a smarter screenplay, it milks the genuine skills of its actors and director for more than it deserves, and then runs off the rails in an ending more laughable than scary.
  5. A story like Five Senses sounds like a gimmick, but Podeswa has a light touch when dealing with the senses and a sure one when telling his stories.
  6. I started out liking this movie, while waiting for something really interesting to happen. When nothing did, I still didn't dislike it; I assume the X-Men will further develop their personalities if there is a sequel.
  7. A fascinating study of behavior that violates the rules.
  8. Warm-hearted and effective.
  9. Although it has some contrived plot devices (including the looming deadline of the city's threat to the bathhouse), it is warm and observant, and its ending is surprisingly true to the material.
  10. Not a great, breakout comedy, but more the kind of movie that might eventually become a regular on the midnight cult circuit.
  11. Is it funny? Yes, it is.
  12. A well-crafted example of a film of pure sensation. I do not mind admitting I was enthralled.
  13. Has the same mixture of dumb puns, corny sight gags and sly, even sophisticated in-jokes. It's a lot of fun.
  14. This is not the sort of movie you make it your business to see in a theater. But if you're ever surfing cable TV and come across it, you'll linger.
  15. It is rousing and entertaining, and you get your money's worth.
  16. A labored and sour comedy.
  17. Not only funny and wicked, clever and visually inventive, but . . . kind and sweet. Tender and touching.
  18. Pure slam-bam space opera.
  19. Is this a good movie? Not exactly; too much of it is on automatic pilot, as it must be, to satisfy the fans of the original Shaft. Is it better than I expected? Yes.
  20. Jesus' Son surprises me with moments of wry humor, poignancy, sorrow and wildness. It has a sequence as funny as any I've seen this year.
  21. It is not about memories but memory. Yours, mine, Proust's. Memory makes us human.
  22. Not an easy film and is for those few moviegoers who approach a serious movie almost in the attitude of prayer.
  23. Because the film marches so inexorably toward its conclusion, it would be unfair to hint at what happens, except to say that it provides a heartbreaking insight into the way that fear creates cowards.
  24. It's not that I don't like it. It's that I don't care.
  25. I liked the music. I would rather have the movie's soundtrack than see Groove again--or at all.
  26. This is a movie of substance and thrilling historical sweep, and its three hours allow Szabo to show the family's destiny forming and shifting under pressure.
  27. There's not a song I wouldn't hear again with pleasure, or a clip that might not make me smile, but as a whole, it's not much. Like cotton candy, it's better as a concept than as an experience.
  28. This is the kind of movie that ends up playing on the TV set over the bar in a better movie.
  29. I seem to be developing a rule about talking animals: They can talk if they're cartoons or Muppets, but not if they're real.
  30. One of the truest films I've seen about the ebb and flow of a real relationship.

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