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  1. The Flower of My Secret is likely to be disappointing to Almodovar's admirers, and inexplicable to anyone else.
  2. Everybody knew to wait for the outtakes during the closing credits, because you'd see him miss a fire escape or land wrong in the truck going under the bridge. Now the outtakes involve his use of the English language.
  3. The dialogue and exposition scenes in G.I. Joe are like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon from the 1980s, but the PG-13 violence is a little intense for the 7-year-old boys (and girls) who might love this stuff.
    • 24 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    I kind of like the idea: A cheesy '80s band called the Suburbans reunites for a tribute album. I kind of like the cast: Everyone from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Robert Loggia pops up. I even kind of liked their "hit song," and probably would have bought their album in my teens. But it's impossible to like this movie, and there's no kind way to say it. [29 Oct 1999, p.30]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  4. Joe Dirt is so obviously a construction that it is impossible to find anything human about him; he is a concept, not a person.
  5. What a mess. What a pretentious, uneven, off-putting, not-nearly-as-clever-as-it-thinkd-it-is MESS.
  6. Everything about this film feels forced, clunky and overwrought.
  7. It’s difficult to imagine anyone appearing in this film thought of it as more than a payday.
  8. It's a nine days' wonder, a geek show designed to win a weekend or two at the box office and then fade from memory.
  9. Sweet and high-spirited and with three dancers who are so good they deserve a better screenplay. This is really two movies: A stiff and awkward story, interrupted by dance sequences of astonishing grace and power.
  10. Here’s proof two females can make a bickering-opposites-action-comedy that’s just as lousy and sour as any clunker starring two guys.
  11. The movie makes two mistakes: (1) It isn't very funny, and (2) it makes the crucial error of taking its story seriously and angling for a happy ending.
  12. A march through the swamp of recycled ugly duckling stories, with occasional pauses in the marsh of sitcom cliches and the bog of Idiot Plots.
  13. While I clearly cannot recommend this film, I have to admit there were a couple of amusing moments.
  14. The film is a gloomy special-effects extravaganza filled with grotesque images, generating fear and despair.
  15. There must be humor here somewhere.
  16. A lightweight and basically unnecessary attempt to once again bring some cinematic life to one of the lesser teams in the Marvel Universe.
  17. A first draft for a movie that could have been extraordinary.
  18. It's unnecessary in the sense that there is no good reason to go and actually see it.
  19. A long slog through perplexities and complexities.
  20. It is not faulty logic that derails The Hills have Eyes, however, but faulty drama. The movie is a one-trick pony.
  21. Newsies is like warmed-over Horatio Alger, complete with such indispensable cliches as the newsboy on crutches, the little kid, and of course the hero's best pal, who has a pretty sister.
  22. Is it a hard-R road trip comedy that makes no apologies for politically incorrect humor — or a sweet family film with a message about tolerance and acceptance? It’s both, I suppose. And neither element is particularly convincing or particularly funny.
  23. Bootmen is the story of a young dancer and his friends who revisit the cliches of countless other dance movies in order to bring forth a dance performance of clanging unloveliness.
  24. So unsuccessful in so many different ways that maybe the whole project was doomed.
  25. It knows the words but not the music; while the Farrelly brothers got away with murder, The Sweetest Thing commits suicide.
  26. None of the action is coherent; shots and shells are fired, people and killed or not, explosions rend the air, SUVs spin aloft (the same one more than once, I think), and there is no sense of strategy.
  27. Sure, the pricey special effects are impressive to behold (though, as usually the case, the 3D is nothing to text home about). And yes, at times “Valerian” creates a strange and beautiful universe. Which ultimately means nothing, because the plot is paper-thin.
  28. Another one of those road comedies where Southern roots are supposed to make boring people seem colorful. If these characters were from Minneapolis or Denver, no way anyone would make a film about them.
  29. There's no chemistry between Deeds and Babe, but then how could there be, considering that their characters have no existence, except as the puppets in scenes of plot manipulation.

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