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4,772 movie reviews
  1. Not a very entertaining movie; it's a long slog unless you're fascinated by the undercurrents.
  2. The exploration of gender politics grows tedious as the gender dynamic between the two leads reverses, and the same points are hammered home again and again.
  3. I'm not sure the movie should have pumped up the melodrama to get us more interested, but something might have helped.
  4. The phrase "coming of age," when applied to movies, almost always implies sex, but Girls Can't Swim has nothing useful to say about sex (certainly not compared to Catherine Breillat's brilliant "Fat Girl" from last year), and is too jerky in structure to inspire much empathy from us.
  5. The movie tells us nothing we haven't heard before.
  6. The movie lacks the warmth and edge of the two previous features ("Walking and Talking" and "Lovely and Amazing"). It seems to be more of an idea than a story.
  7. El Crimen Perfecto has energy, color, spirit and lively performances, but what it does not have are very many laughs.
  8. Gets off to a start that's so charming it never lives it down. The movie is all anticlimax once we realize it's going to be about gimmicks, not characters.
  9. All of the materials are in place for a film that might have pleased Orwell. But somehow they never come together.
  10. It’s well-made and well-acted, but it’s also a grotesque, self-indulgent and ultimately tiresome satire that leaves behind an unpleasant stench.
  11. Hal Hartley is on his way to creating a distinctive film world, and although Trust is not a successful film, you can see his vision at work, and it's intriguing.
  12. The movie's problem is that no one seemed to have any fun making it, and it's hard to have much fun watching it. It's a depressing experience.
  13. The movie is more concerned with the story line (premiere-fire-threat-rescue) than with painting the time and place.
  14. Hoogendijk is a guest with more tact than curiosity about why a three-year plan went so over schedule.
  15. It is admirable and well-made, but unutterably depressing and unredeemed by any glimmer of hope.
  16. The movie is too impressed with its own solemn insights to work up much entertainment value; is too much fable to be convincing as life.
  17. Waters follows these characters through their 15 minutes of fame without ever churning up very much interest in them.
  18. There may be possibilities here, but they're lost in the extraordinary boredom of a long third act devoted almost entirely to loud, pointless and repetitive action.
  19. But the second act is pandering and the third is trickery, and whatever Fincher thinks the message is, that's not what most audience members will get.
  20. The actors are better than the material.
  21. [A] slightly diverting documentary.
  22. The Higgins performance owes more than a little to Fred Willard's unforgettable dog show commentary in "Best in Show," but it was clear that Willard was part of a telecast.
  23. Entertaining if you understand exactly what it is: if you see it as a film made by friends out of the materials presented by their lives and with the freedom to not push too hard.
  24. It wants to be a movie in search of a truth, but it's more like a movie in search of itself.
  25. Ali
    A long, flat, curiously muted film about the heavyweight champion. It lacks much of the flash, fire and humor of Muhammad Ali and is shot more in the tone of a eulogy than a celebration. There is little joy here.
  26. It's a long, shapeless, undisciplined mess, and every once in awhile it generates a big laugh.
  27. The message behind all of this is difficult to nail down. Mars and Venus? Adults who haven't grown up? The last fling syndrome? Doing what you want instead of doing what you must?
  28. A conspiracy thriller that begins well and makes good points, but it flies off the rails in the last 30 minutes.
  29. The Rover does have a central nervous system that crackles and pops with suspense, but in the end it’s not enough to jump-start the lack of narrative. Too much story is missing, and that is simply distracting.
  30. Too much self-pity.

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