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  1. Roswell is, really, not bad. But in a prime-time universe crowded with quality dramas in general and quality supernatural dramas in particular, pretty good is not quite good enough. [4 Oct 1999, p.T1]
    • Chicago Tribune
  2. To deny yourself the engrossing “Dexter” based on its subject matter would be to miss out on one of television’s most fiendishly intelligent new dramas.
  3. House seems a little off when it returns for its fifth season. My diagnosis: A chemistry imbalance.
  4. Mad Men is first and foremost an intelligently made character drama.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Those who have seen "Picket Fences" should have a good idea about what "Hope" offers: moral crisis and guilt trips. [18 Sep 1994]
    • Chicago Tribune
  5. Dexter’s life as a suburban dad feels claustrophobic, and the show has become repetitive and predictable.
  6. Aliens is generally an intriguing and worthwhile show, combining a "The Wonder Years" vibe with a subversive and effective topicality.
  7. There's no darkness looming just yet, and the season premiere is almost too jokey at times--certain comedic bits are stretched longer than they should be. Still, this is quite a bold and energetic (if not frenetic) new edition of Doctor Who. Hang on to the TARDIS, fans, it looks like we're in for quite a ride.
  8. The half-hour format is perfect for this deftly directed program, which is character-based storytelling concentrated to espresso strength.
  9. A strange feeling came over me when I was watching the Season 2 premiere of Saving Grace. I actually wished that the episode was longer.
  10. I tend not to watch it after the first few episodes of each season, because it tends to travel somewhat repetitive storytelling roads (i.e., every week, science goes awry, then science is used to fix what went awry)....I like the implications of that bigger arc, which promises more depth, which Eureka needs.
  11. All in all, the show is much better than it was when it was rotely doing “ripped from the headline” stories, which was only a few seasons ago.
  12. Pungent, sophisticated comedy. [14 Sep 1998]
    • Chicago Tribune
  13. The real accomplishment here is creator Bob Lowry's complex, thought-provoking insights into upper-middle-class highs and lows today. [5 Nov 2004, p.3]
    • Chicago Tribune
  14. "Betty" walks a fine line between satire and drama and, astonishingly, it doesn’t fall off that razor’s edge very often.
  15. Angel turns out to be as nimble, in its own way, as "Buffy" itself, and Boreanaz a revelation. It helps matters that Whedon has said his primary focus this year will be on the progeny, not the parent. [4 Oct 1999, p.1]
    • Chicago Tribune
  16. An impressively constructed thriller and an intriguing, timely exploration of what people at the apex of society will do to hold on to their power.
  17. Though Costello’s discussions with musicians falter from time to time, they also contain quite a few interesting stories and conversations. And whenever things threaten to slow down, the musicians just pick up their instruments and sing instead of speaking.
  18. One of the best parts of the show is Alicia’s complicated relationship with her husband, who humiliated his family with a sex scandal but also appears to be a pawn in a larger game being played by high-level politicians.
  19. Attractive but not arty, intelligent but not brainy. [22 Sep 2002]
    • Chicago Tribune
  20. Watching Burn Notice and eating candy--it’s getting hard to tell the difference between the two.
  21. Entertaining, genre-bending. [16 Nov 2004, p.C1]
    • Chicago Tribune
  22. "Studio 60" is not just good, it has the potential to be a small-screen classic.
  23. One of the most imaginative crime dramas on television, with one of the most tragic crimefighters ever. [12 July 2002, p.C4]
    • Chicago Tribune
  24. The acting is good, and the direction and settings are solid, but the saga of the Caffee brothers tends to plod more than it intrigues.
  25. Branagh directs his actors through the intricacies of Shakespeare’s language with a sure hand, though I sometimes wished during the forest scenes the camera didn’t swoop and swivel quite so much.
  26. [Bob]'s also a wonderful, charismatic character at the middle of several quirky souls that inhabit this delightful and visually refreshing comedy-drama. [4 Aug 1998, p.C10]
    • Chicago Tribune
  27. The moments in which Jackie and the people in her ER find common ground -- that's when this show achieves liftoff.
  28. The Season 2 premiere of the genre-tinged drama Fringe is almost the polar opposite of its bombastic Season 1 premiere, and that’s a very good thing.
  29. Low key in concept, in style of humor and in star power, it's that rarity: a comedy that manages to be very, very funny without making parents watching with their children very, very uncomfortable. It's not necessarily a kids' show; it just gets its laughs honestly, without being crass. [13 Sep 1996]
    • Chicago Tribune

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