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  1. Do we really need another Hulk movie? I was one of the few critics who actually liked Ang Lee's 2003 "Hulk," but it didn't exactly ring the cash registers or clamor for a continuation.
  2. Sometimes, oftentimes, trailers showcase only the good stuff. The actual movie is a pale substitute. Such is the case here.
  3. Gyllenhaal is one of the most gifted actors of his generation and, along with Joaquin Phoenix, he takes more chances than just about any of them. He deserves a movie that risks as much as he does.
  4. It’s all meant to be funnier than it is.
  5. Actually, it's hard to have any thoughts while watching Jonah Hex – the cranium-crushing soundtrack takes care of that.
  6. Mostly a snooze. Maybe if Buscemi himself had starred in it things would have turned out better.
  7. True love beckons in the guise of a dingbat played by Julianne Moore and all is right with the world. As Jon’s father, a man whose lifeblood is yelling, Tony Danza is very funny. He makes you understand what his son is escaping from.
  8. Blithely entertaining but almost completely devoid of rigor.
  9. One of the few open-minded Hollywood movies about Christian fundamentalism, but the mind isn't sufficiently exploratory.
  10. Sometimes a film is best utilized as a travelogue. Such is the case with the comedy-drama The Girl From Monaco, which isn't much of a movie but offers scrumptious views.
  11. Gandolfini, though, is a standout as the old-school father who can't abide his new-style son (but loves him anyway).
  12. The bad guys, who specialize in funny beards, funny accents, and shaved heads, would feel right at home in an "Austin Powers" movie.
  13. It must be said that the filmmakers, who profess to be as surprised as we are about how things play out, are being disingenuous at best and underhanded at worst.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    It's technically impressive, but most of the better aspects of Sanctum would be almost – maybe exactly – as effective viewed the old-fashioned way.
  14. Playing a cantankerous, beer-swigging human wreck of a man for the umpteenth time, Nolte is very good but very familiar.
  15. This documentary about the evangelical belief in biblical prophecy is both overly ambitious and skimpy.
  16. It's a rather lifeless re-telling of the Nativity, with greeting-card imagery and stiff performances.
  17. It's difficult to imagine the target audience for this film. Gangbangers, perhaps?
  18. Ultimately, forgettable, but for most of the way it's a pleasant little vacation of a movie.
  19. The sole bright spot is Christopher Walken playing a benevolent Mafia don.
  20. Easy Virtue has aspirations to be much more than a comedy. It wants to flay, if only with a penknife, the entire British class system.
  21. 12
    I haven't heard this much shouting in a movie since the first hour of "Full Metal Jacket."
  22. It's not only Phoebe whose daydreams go out of control. Daniel Barnz, the writer-director, also goes a bit flooey. There's a lot more perspiration than inspiration.
  23. Even the "surprise" appearance of Keith Richards, as the scurvy father of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow, has already been hyped to death in the advance press.
  24. Even the humor is played too broadly – another notch and we'd be in "Monty Python" territory, though not half as witty.
  25. See the film, if you must, for Mara, who will be starring in the upcoming Hollywood remake of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." She's a sharp, vigilant actress whose career bears watching.
  26. The Iron Lady is too bland to be controversial, too antiquated to speak to the present.
  27. It's a moderately enjoyable escapade that isn't quite clever enough for adults and not quite imaginative enough for children.
  28. There is barely a whiff of genuine transcendence in this grand-scale extravaganza. The special effects are courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic, but the magic here is largely industrial.
  29. When a great movie subject results in a middling movie, the loss is double.

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