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Highest review score: 100 The Thin Blue Line
Lowest review score: 0 Half Baked
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3,626 movie reviews
  1. The filmmaking is meticulous and the ideas are endlessly thought-provoking.
  2. A triumph of psychological drama, owing as much to Ms. Bier's sensitive style as to Anders Thomas Jensen's smart screenplay, based on Bier's own story idea.
  3. Like all this adventurous filmmaker's work, it's truly one of a kind.
  4. You run across animation this ingenious about as often as a moving castle comes your way.
  5. A lyrical, yet intensely rooted, tragic vision.
  6. A smart and scary voyage into the uncanny realm where hard realities,mind-spinning myths, and hallucinatory visions blur.
  7. This low-key drama is a miracle of mood, atmosphere, and sensitivity.
  8. Expressively filmed story of rivalry, romance, and cultural conflict.
  9. Like its star, it's quietly sincere and compulsively watchable.
  10. Barbet Schroeder directed the ingeniously made film, which weaves fact, hypothesis, and conjecture into a harrowing yet continually gripping and often highly amusing narrative. [12 Oct 1990]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  11. Smart, funny, and splendidly acted.
  12. Brilliantly acted, sumptuously filmed, and overflowing with mellifluous music.
  13. Helen Mirren gives the mostly subtly expressive performance based on a living historical figure that I've ever seen.
  14. A quintessential Mike Leigh performance. It deepens as it goes along until, in the end, in its final close-up, it overwhelms.
  15. Harrowing, extremely disturbing at times, but brought to the screen in dazzling pop-art images that make the movie's grim content very much worth watching.
  16. A travelogue unlike any other.
  17. This strikingly unusual movie is at once an old-fashioned melodrama, a boldly stylized spectacle, and a very grim fairy tale, acted and directed with originality and flair.
  18. Well worth seeing on the wide screen before its video release next year. It's guaranteed to take your breath away.
  19. The secret to enjoying 8 Women is to check your analytical mind at the popcorn counter and settle back for almost two hours of cinematic mischief.
  20. Feisty, funny, and smart.
  21. Acted as a drama, paced like a ritual, filmed as a slice of rural Iranian life.
  22. The timeless fairy tale about a young woman who agrees to dwell with a mysterious monster, as interpreted in 1946 by one of cinema's most brilliant visual stylists and mythmakers.
  23. The result is a history lesson both invaluable and horrific.
  24. Concise, humane documentary.
  25. Superbly acted, movingly written, and directed with a tough-minded lyricism rarely found in today's films. A summer movie to love.
  26. Stay far, far away unless you can handle the copious amounts of blood--and agonizing psychological problems-- that its participants face on what seems like a daily basis.
  27. Anderson fulfills the promise of his inventive "Bottle Rocket" with this quirky, often hilarious comedy, and Murray gives his most uproarious performance since the groundbreaking "Groundhog Day."
  28. The movie elegantly mingles drama, comedy, and low-key spiritual resonance. It also has a splendid cast.
  29. On the personal betrayals that accompany Capote's ache for literary transcendence. The betrayals were necessary to create "In Cold Blood." This is why Capote is such an unsettlingly ambiguous experience.
  30. Pure fun.

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