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3865 movie reviews
  1. The dense interweave of relationships, a Farhadi specialty, is continually compelling.
  2. One of the funniest and happiest movies I’ve ever seen about early adolescent girls and their wayward, fitful joyousness.
  3. If one buys into the whole grace under pressure thing, All Is Lost – the title is its own spoiler alert – is first-rate.
  4. The result is an unprecedented voyage into the tortuous life of our greatest actor, with the actor himself serving as narrator and navigator, as dissembler and penitent.
  5. A quintessential New York director made this quintessential New York movie in 1973, with Pacino at his best.
  6. Timely, pointed messages about oppression and opportunity come poignantly through in strongly dramatic terms.
  7. This is a Holocaust movie that is so relentlessly observed and so aware of woe that it never feels like it belongs to a genre.
  8. The filmmaking is meticulous and the ideas are endlessly thought-provoking.
  9. Brokeback Mountain is a tragedy because these men have found something that many people, of whatever sexual persuasion, never find - true love. And they can't do anything about it.
  10. It's minor, but powerfully so.
  11. Particle Fever doesn’t prompt us to say: “Gee, these superbrains are just like us, except for the brains.” The film allows for our awe. It also demonstrates that science is the most human of activities, with all that that implies.
  12. Harrowing, extremely disturbing at times, but brought to the screen in dazzling pop-art images that make the movie's grim content very much worth watching.
  13. This is a lively, life-affirming documentary no viewer is likely to forget.
  14. His greatest legacy, however, as this film documents, was his courage in the endgame of his life.
  15. Brilliant, poetic, and utterly unique.
  16. Some will find the movie's sexual antics too explicit and unconventional for comfort.
  17. Moneyball presents a misleading story line in order to prop up Billy Beane as some kind of would-be miracle worker antihero. In truth, he's just another tobacco-chewing go-getter trying to make sense of a game that, thankfully, has never quite made sense.
  18. Overall this overlong movie is too knowingly coy for its own good.
  19. Force Majeure is ultimately about something not often explored in film: the consequences of male weakness in a world in which men are expected to be strong at all times.
  20. A mix of war film, road movie, and romantic comedy-drama, this peripatetic yarn is less resonant than Ghobadi's beautiful "A Time for Drunken Horses," but it has enough energy to keep your eyes popping and your toes tapping.
  21. Well worth seeing on the wide screen before its video release next year. It's guaranteed to take your breath away.
  22. Whenever Jones is on screen, the film's energy level kicks up several notches, an indication, I think, that Spielberg otherwise overdoses on directorial decorum.
  23. A full-fledged masterpiece.
  24. It’s a filmmaker’s conceit. These filmmakers may come from Nebraska, but, from the looks of things, they don’t want to be spending much time there.
  25. The entire film has the glibness of a music video. Boyle has managed to make dire poverty seem glossy.
  26. A conventional dark comedy with moments of unexpectedly biting wit.
  27. The latest installment is packed with surprises and emotion for people who've seen earlier stages of the project, but even newcomers will be fascinated by the vivid glimpses it provides of everything from love and family to political action and the pervasiveness of class distinctions in British life.
  28. As slow-moving as the voyage it portrays,...a surprisingly complex view of contemporary life beneath its good-natured surface.
  29. Anderson fulfills the promise of his inventive "Bottle Rocket" with this quirky, often hilarious comedy, and Murray gives his most uproarious performance since the groundbreaking "Groundhog Day."
  30. It's an ideal match, and Eastwood deserves accolades as both director and star of this powerfully made picture.

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