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  1. Alexandre Aja directs in full glop mode and the cast includes a few performers, including Ted Levine (from "Monk"), Robert Joy, and Kathleen Quinlan, who probably wish they were elsewhere.
  2. Skip the first hour or so, but grab a seat in time for the surfing contest that climaxes the picture, complete with mile-high waves and the most graceful ocean-gliding this side of "The Endless Summer."
  3. The story gets off to a slow start after its riveting documentary-style introduction, but heartfelt acting and unexpected plot twists eventually give it solid dramatic impact.
  4. In its depiction of the Las Vegas nightclub scene and in its own cinematic strategies, the film is quite instructive about the intersection of sex, money, and entertainment in some areas of popular American culture. [29 Sept 1995]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  5. All this gloomy masochism is made palatable because of the performers. And yet we must ask: Is this any way to show off two of our finest actors?
  6. I doubt The Gunman will do much to advance Penn’s foray into action-hero bankability, and that’s probably a good thing. He’s too fine an actor to be mired in nonstop shootouts while flashing his pecs and looking scowly.
  7. The cast is terrific, the movie isn't... It all plays like the pilot for a series that wasn't picked up.
  8. The movie has plenty of high-tech power, spinning out action so explosive you'll hardly notice how preposterous the story is or how cardboard-thin the characters are.
  9. Newman's magnetic face isn't enough to raise this intermittently amusing thriller above the ordinary caper-comedy crowd.
  10. My worst fears were confirmed almost from the start. In order to inject some pep into the proceedings, Law has been encouraged to play Wolfe as a motormouthed rhapsodist who seems less inspired than unhinged. He’s exhaustingly exuberant.
  11. Plunges energetically into the 16th-century religious rebel's activities and philosophies. It dodges some significant issues in Luther's life, however, reducing its value as an educational film.
  12. Less an American product than an international escapade, it's the kind of pigeonhole-resisting romp that Hollywood too rarely provides.
  13. The idea of a Woody Allen movie about fame is enticing, but a meandering screenplay and uninspired acting make this one of his thinnest, tinniest films.
  14. Paris Hilton also turns up, still trying to be famous for more than being famous. She has a ways to go.
  15. There's good bad taste and then there's just plain bad bad, which is what describes most of Brüno.
  16. Great cast, great atmosphere, little sense or first-rate suspense.
  17. I enjoyed this movie more than the last two films from the Wachowskis, the interminable "Cloud Atlas" and "Speed Racer." On the other hand, "The Matrix" it's not.
  18. Tasty while you take it in, but larded down with empty cinematic calories.
  19. Too many clichés and too much uneven acting dilute its impact.
  20. The flamboyantly filmed story makes some telling points about adolescent life. But despite its oh-so-cynical mannerisms, it falls all over itself to flatter an allegedly self-absorbed and self-pitying teen audience. [7 April 1989]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  21. The meandering story and channel-surfing style prevent it from gathering the emotional momentum it would need to get below the hero's skin and let us know what really makes him tick.
  22. The multicultural cast gives a shred of substance to what's otherwise a standard adolescent gross-out flick.
  23. Energetic acting helps compensate for a contrived script and directing that's sometimes as heavy as its cheerfully rotund characters.
  24. The story is an odd mixture of preachiness and paranoia, but the stars provide sizzling performances and the action moves at a lively clip.
  25. Harrowing and imaginatively made.
  26. The action is dynamically filmed and Willis is at his best. Suspense is soon hijacked by outright gore and grisliness, though.
  27. The film is a so-so slog through a torrent of tired jokes.
  28. The story's emphasis is on action, but there are some sensitive moments and interesting ideas along the way.
  29. Director Claire Kilner and screenwriter Neena Beber don't walk the tightrope between comedy and drama skillfully enough to make either aspect work as well as it should.
  30. Forgettable fun.

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