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1,518 movie reviews
  1. Meandering but reasonably charming.
  2. It reminds one of "The Constant Gardener," another globetrotting thriller bereft of thrills that looks more important in retrospect than on the screen. Certainly, one man's trash is another man's masterpiece, and more power to the viewer who can stick with this deadpan travelogue and make it to the ending that actually satisfies.
  3. Coppola hasn't delivered a turkey--it's a cute little movie, if not as rich as her brother Roman's similarly themed "CQ"--but when work this potentially satisfying remains flatly obvious, it's almost worse than being flat-out bad.
  4. Viewers still need a window into a character's soul if they are to connect on a deep emotional level. And that is missing here.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    By the end, were it not for Murray, watching Rushmore would be like reading an article on "Why adolescents need Prozac."
  5. In the end, The Apostle feels like a con, a movie that embraces its contradictions only because it's not smart enough to reconcile them; everything feels complex, but, in fact, it's far too simple.
  6. Most of The Constant Gardener is made with good taste and with respect for its African subjects. But when Fiennes flees a Kenyan village as bandits begin their merciless attack, it's hard not to feel a little uneasy with the medium. We're meant to get a thrill out of the chase, but it's not thrilling. Sickening's more like it.
  7. Sometimes junk is junk, no matter how fancy the platter upon which it's served. Which isn't to say A History of Violence is useless junk. It provides a few pleasures and a few giggles; it's a comedy, after all, an action movie in which things unfold at a deadpan pace.
  8. The songs are actually quite good--if also hideously embarrassing--but these comedians take their roles far too seriously, to their peril and our puzzlement.
  9. Revelatory and disappointing.
  10. Devotees of the comedienne presumably will think they have died and gone to heaven, while Cho virgins may laugh aloud a half-dozen times but probably won't become converts.
  11. Jackson is merely indulging himself here, too, doing a thing not because he should but because he can. And maybe that's a good reason but not good enough. The girl still cries, the ape still dies and all you're left with is a ringing in your ears.
  12. Begins as comedy, morphs into drama and only belatedly introduces the noir requisites of subterfuge, cunning and death--none of which, by that time, is necessary or even welcome. There is a great deal of life in this movie, and also promise, but its creepy ending betrays its sincere and painful core.
  13. This uneven new film, a series of dialogues from the legendary Ingmar Bergman, is assembled like movements of a concerto.
  14. Miyazaki's movies are as stunning as they are confounding.
  15. Feels mostly like an audacious prank.
  16. The sappy trappings that director Raymond De Felitta piles onto the burgeoning romance story line kills any spark that remains, despite the best efforts of the cast to keep it real.
  17. An affecting film, but it just may not be everyone's cup of cyanide.
  18. If his first two films were about emotional mutes, then Before Sunrise is the tale of two kids who won't shut the hell up.
  19. A reasonably entertaining -- and occasionally very moving -- picture.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    An indictment--a prime example of promising material that's been Cruisified.
  20. A brilliant piece of garbage -- mesmerizing, but only because you can't believe someone has the temerity to put so much into so little.
  21. A trifle at best, a lightweight, wink-wink amalgam of myriad other films, some of which have even starred Chan and Wilson.
  22. Whether or not you like this film may depend on how much interest (or patience) you have for the antics of a self-proclaimed prophet.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The film is bound together around the oral tradition and the act of storytelling, and this is where the filmmakers shine.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Inside Man is irrelevant, another semi-high-tech mega-heist movie, the rhythms and tropes of which we are all as familiar with as we are with the wallpaper facing our toilets.
  23. Because the filmmakers have skewed the story into a Donnie-Lefty lovefest, the breakage of their trust signals the breakage of Donnie's spirit even in triumph. Case closed. It's the kind of fade-out we might expect from the it's-all-hopeless era of '60s counterculture movies. It's emotionally effective, but also a cheat.
  24. The result is nothing but allusive and memorial. And boring. This film is boring, at least partly because it is trying desperately to be big.
  25. As an actress, she (July) is annoying as hell, with a quirkiness so labored, she seems to be begging for our affection. As a director she is much better.
  26. A very dull movie.

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