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153 tv reviews
  1. A taut new crime drama that's happily more than the sum of its generic crime procedural parts. [13 Jun 2005]
  2. Within the context of an overly familiar, murder-saturated genre, talented "Medium" creator Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting") manages to find some emotionally rich variations on the formula, assisted by Patricia Arquette's appealing performance as a suburban, crime-solving mom who sees dead people. [3 Jan 2005]
  3. The doctors of Chicago Hope Hospital, a gleaming surgical palace with all the cutting- edge gizmos, tend to pontificate. [18 Sep 1994]
  4. The opening episode is solidly done and pretty entertaining. But a fifth season of "Everwood" would have been a much better fit in the time slot following "7th Heaven."
  5. A sly, witty step up from the boorish "Becker."
  6. "Wedding Wars" tries to do a lot, with moderate success.
  7. Lame storytelling and dialogue.
  8. A gimmicky, cliched legal drama that seems to have been unearthed from 20 years ago.
  9. Even with its erratic start, "Inconceivable" still manages to deliver a fair share of escapist, bun-in-the-oven fun.
  10. Shepherd scores in a so-so docudrama.
  11. With its attractive cast and the Emmy Award-winning talent behind-the-scenes... "Related" should be a lot more fizzy, witty fun than it is.
  12. [A] bland, formulaic family comedy.
  13. "Run's House" seems to be the reality sitcom flip side of "Being Bobby Brown."
  14. So MacLachlan's enjoyable. The supporting cast is OK. And the unconventional premise is rather promising. Now it's up to the producers to give "In Justice" a more distinctive dramatic zing.
  15. Breezily prefabricated sitcom humor that lacks the fresh zing of anything remotely original.
  16. [It has] just enough funny, semi-improvised moments to make you wish it was better.
  17. Maybe they all graduated from the Melrose Place College of Law.
  18. "Modern Men" feels anything but, well, modern. But in its own goofy, good-natured retro way, this old-school comedy... generates some lighthearted, if predictable grins.
  19. In between the sardonic wisecracks and tangled storytelling, it's easy to lose interest.
  20. Doesn't quite rise to the cheerful, sweetly clever quality level of WB's "Beauty and the Geek."
  21. The Old Testament just shouldn't be this dull.
  22. A breezy summertime soap opera.
  23. "Saved" is a sometimes entertaining, often predictable trauma drama.
  24. Some will find it appalling. Others just may find it appallingly addictive.
  25. Though the glossily well-made "Vanished" may prove intermittently diverting, it lacks any of the original serial thriller zing of far better shows like "24," "Lost" or "Prison Break."
  26. "Justice" offers slick, efficiently produced whodunit escapism without a whit of real originality or dramatic spontaneity.
  27. From start to finish, "Standoff" is slickly contrived, formulaic crime drama nonsense.
  28. A glossy hunk of over-the-top, sleaze 'n' tease melodrama.
  29. That morbid premise -- in addition to the so-so storytelling, devolving badly by the second episode -- sure feels morosely overwrought for 8 o'clock.
  30. There's nothing remotely fresh or original about "3 Lbs." But it is well made, reasonably diverting and lucky to be on CBS.