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  1. It sure looks like '24' executive producers Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran are ready to give America more anxiety-amped razzle dazzle with one of television's most original and compelling drama series. [28 Oct 2003]
    • Detroit Free Press
  2. Feresten makes a rather engaging talk show host.
  3. On first encounter, "Futurama" isn't as instantly memorable as "The Simpsons." ... Don't sell "Futurama" short, though. It has all the sly Groening hallmarks for subversively amusing, sharply written pop culture fun. [26 Mar 1999]
    • Detroit Free Press
  4. A witty, sophisticated romantic drama.
  5. With wit and intelligence, they transform what might have been little more than high concept hokum into a clever, evocative mix of sci-fi, suspense and raging teenybopera hormones. [6 Oct 1999, p.1E]
    • Detroit Free Press
  6. Simultaneously appealing and rather sadly appalling, "Mrs. Harris" gets at the messy truth of it all in a distinctively mischievous manner.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    It sets up a scenario that sends Walt, played by Bryan Cranston ("Malcolm in the Middle"), on an unpredictable, surprisingly fun-to-watch journey that frees him from his law-abiding past.
  7. Right from the dark start, the new "Night Stalker" is a more provocative, emotionally layered thrill ride.
  8. Television always needs smart, quality shows. And with "ER" on creative life support after 10 years, this challenging new medical drama could be good entertainment therapy. But for many viewers, "House" could be a tough pill to swallow. [15 Nov 2004, p.1C]
    • Detroit Free Press
  9. As '24' quickly revs up the anxiety and action on the new season, the show is still flashing its taut, characteristic strengths: distinctive real time storytelling, tighten-the-vise tension, compelling split-screen visuals and sudden, sometimes shocking, outbursts of violence. All of it pushed at a dazzling pace and built around Sutherland's grim, courageous antihero with the hair-trigger volatility. [7 Jan 2005]
    • Detroit Free Press
  10. "Desperate Housewives" has been spinning its storytelling wheels this fall. ... But we kvetch too much. Despite its slightly diminished state, most of the time "Housewives" remains a Sunday night delight. [30 Oct 2005]
    • Detroit Free Press
  11. Within the context of an overly familiar, murder-saturated genre, talented "Medium" creator Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting") manages to find some emotionally rich variations on the formula, assisted by Patricia Arquette's appealing performance as a suburban, crime-solving mom who sees dead people. [3 Jan 2005]
    • Detroit Free Press
  12. A taut new crime drama that's happily more than the sum of its generic crime procedural parts. [13 Jun 2005]
    • Detroit Free Press
  13. Thanks to its lively wit and playful visual style, Birds of Prey delivers a good bit of escapist entertainment. [9 Oct 2002]
    • Detroit Free Press
  14. The doctors of Chicago Hope Hospital, a gleaming surgical palace with all the cutting- edge gizmos, tend to pontificate. [18 Sep 1994]
    • Detroit Free Press
  15. A sly, witty step up from the boorish "Becker."
  16. "Wedding Wars" tries to do a lot, with moderate success.
  17. The opening episode is solidly done and pretty entertaining. But a fifth season of "Everwood" would have been a much better fit in the time slot following "7th Heaven."
  18. The series rarely soars beyond the predictable. [4 Apr 2000]
    • Detroit Free Press
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Alas, most of the humor comes straight from the formula family sitcom factory. Nice cast, stale laughs. [20 Sept 2002]
    • Detroit Free Press
  19. [It has] just enough funny, semi-improvised moments to make you wish it was better.
  20. There are moments of dizzy, semisweet fun to be had on the premiere. But the honeymoon could be short.
  21. So MacLachlan's enjoyable. The supporting cast is OK. And the unconventional premise is rather promising. Now it's up to the producers to give "In Justice" a more distinctive dramatic zing.
  22. A haphazard farce that fails to find a consistently funny groove.
  23. A cast of eager unknowns and prime-time newcomers gleefully skewers pop-culture celebrities from Britney Spears to Regis Philbin with acid, fast-paced irreverence. And sometimes -- but only sometimes -- Hype is laugh-out-loud hilarious. [6 Oct 2000, p.12D]
    • Detroit Free Press
  24. A blast of blahs from the past. [27 Sept 2002]
    • Detroit Free Press
  25. During its opening two episodes, Popular is basically content to be just another jaunty, semi-"Clueless" spoke on WB's glossy teen entertainment wheel. Great to look at, yes, but short on emotional depth. [29 Sept 1999, p.5E]
    • Detroit Free Press
  26. Far, far away from the cutting edge, Life in the Wild offers a family-drama walk on the mild side.
  27. Like Zuiker's first two installments of the series, "CSI: NY" is well made and well cast. But there's also something coldly understated and ordinary about it as well. [22 Sep 2004]
    • Detroit Free Press
  28. In between the sardonic wisecracks and tangled storytelling, it's easy to lose interest.

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