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  1. There are flashes of wit -- Speedy Gonzales muttering about political correctness and an arty chase through the Louvre. But there is also random flatulence, a.k.a. the stink of desperation.
  2. For Woody, it's looking more and more like the end of his days of whine and neurosis.
  3. Bassett's natural dramatic fierceness, so powerful when incited to action, is at odds with the knee-weakening sexual surrender required by the story.
  4. In the end, even Foxx is drowned out by the parade of one-note supporting characters.
  5. In this year's lump of coal, Matthew Broderick is the control freak who lives for toasty yuletide cheer, and Danny DeVito is the vulgar pest who wants his holiday lights seen from space. The dueling-neighbor crankfest is blah.
  6. Graham is charming, but Miss Conception is a cloddish biological-clock bedroom farce.
  7. A send-up of rap personality in which no one actually has a personality. The joke, alas, is on the movie.
  8. A grisly one-note chase thriller.
  9. It's "Bewitched" meets "Fatal Attraction," with one funny bedroom scene, but it was a miscalculation to make Thurman the antagonist.
  10. Friendly yet toothless, College musters little energy even as anarchic-party-movie nostalgia.
  11. With no Jamie Lee Curtis as a volleying partner, though, Lohan's chipper energy is, like, so totally out of proportion given the colorless pliability of everyone around her.
    • 14 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Rollerball was trash even back in 1975, but in some small way it was ahead of its time. The new version just makes you feel like you've been watching a lame late-night rerun while stuck in a thunderdome.
  12. The Rob Reiner of the past might have tackled a challenging topic, even in a romantic comedy. But that director, who hasn't made a good movie since the mid-1990s, is gone. So it goes.
  13. Daredevil is the sort of half-assed, visually lackadaisical potboiler that makes you rue the day that comic-book franchises ever took over Hollywood.
  14. As horror comedies go, this one sadly winds up somewhere between Scary Movie 4 and 5.
  15. A raft of fine actors – including Amy Adams, Richard Jenkins, and Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay – are wasted in a sour, callow family drama that mistakes constant yelling for emotional tension and fortune-cookie aphorisms for wisdom.
  16. Smart enough to put much of its weight on Gallner, a lively presence with a terrifically sour mug that makes him look like a mutual cousin of Willem Dafoe and Peter Lorre.
  17. A major disappointment. Bleak, brutal, and ultimately pointless.
  18. A junky thriller that mistakes brute-strength plot twist, showy violence, and the against-type participation of Jennifer Aniston for earned excitement.
  19. The latest reshuffling of "Chainsaw" tropes.
  20. One piece of advice in trying to make sense of it all: Follow the sleepwear, since Bullock cycles through a few garments that clarify which day is which. Another suggestion? Ignore the two-bit psychological and spiritual doggerel with which screenwriter Bill Kelly tries to deepen the meaning of the game.
  21. Turns into a grab-bag freak show as desperate as it is arbitrary.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 42 Reviewed by
      Ty Burr
    Proficiently filmed and utterly uninspired.
  22. The ethos of the Chelsea Hotel may shape Hawke's artistic aspirations, but he hasn't yet coordinated his own DV poetry with the Beat he hears in his soul.
  23. If this amateur justice league spent as much time analyzing clues as they did analyzing their junk, in every slang variation available in the Urban Dictionary, the murder mystery in The Watch could have been solved on the first night of surveillance.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    This is a lost opportunity on an epic scale. The actors are so styled and the dogfights so drippy with CG that, as a period piece, the movie almost looks like it's set in the future.
  24. Borderline-incoherent.
  25. A brain-squandering thriller.
  26. As a fan of Schwarzenegger's macho, heart-of-darkness original, it gives me no pleasure to say that Predators is an uninspired mess of mediocre action scenes strung together until the final reel.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    The Ice Age series was never great cinema, but there’s always been a sense of heart under all the wisecracks and zany antics. Collision Course abandons that in favor of already stale pop culture references and laughless jokes.

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