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      Ty Burr
    Debased swill.
  1. As an actor, Raymond is whiny and annoying, but not nearly so much as the film.
  2. Just... bad. As in BAD bad.
  3. Even Snow Day's winter wonderland looks fake.
  4. Viewers will never be molly-fied by this tripe.
  5. An inept low-budget thriller.
  6. The film isn't just bad; it's a barely coherent, inert mess -- a heart-tugger for voidoids.
  7. Why would filmmakers with this much talent work this hard to thumb their noses at everything they put on screen?
  8. The comedy is nonexistent.
  9. This may be the only would-be blockbuster that's a sprawling, dissociated mess on purpose. It's a perverse landmark: the first postmodern Hollywood disaster.
  10. Poisonously smug, one-joke indie comedy.
  11. A movie so unhinged it practically dares you not to hate it.
  12. In one rotten production -- all involved have managed to create the most unlikable, man hating, woman hating, unfunny idiots since ''Whipped'' ended up on worst movie lists last year.
  13. Personally, I'd say that it was about time Arquette was leashed.
  14. It's a shrill, stupid, brickbat-blatant piece of hackwork that practically sweats to be ''commercial.''
  15. It's like ''Grease: The Next Generation'' acted out by the food-court staff at SeaWorld.
  16. The picture is so lethargic that I began to think of watching it as a form of atonement.
  17. If you look hard, you can make out a story in Femme Fatale, but it has nothing to do with the senseless pileup of jewel thievery, shutterbug voyeurism, and leggy sex bombs so shallow and bad they seem to have come out of a 1978 copy of Hustler magazine.
  18. You know all that artistic cred Adam Sandler built up with his acclaimed work in ''Punch-Drunk Love''? Well, he flushes it down the crapper with Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights -- the most ill-conceived animated comedy since the 1991 dog ''Rover Dangerfield.''
  19. It appears to have been modeled on the worst revenge-of-the-nerds clichés the filmmakers could dredge up.
  20. It might be courting hyperbole to call Corky Romano the single worst movie ever to feature an ''SNL'' cast member (Dan Aykroyd hit some pretty arid valleys), but I'm willing to go out on a critical limb and rank it among the all-time bottom dozen.
  21. A somber, draggy, deadweight, lugubrious, absurdly self serious version of ''American Beauty.''
    • 21 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The effects are laughably primitive, the dialogue hilariously atrocious -- and those are the good parts.
  22. It's a puzzlement how so many pros could have so wrecked one of the most beloved, hummably familiar movie musicals in the Rodgers and Hammerstein repertoire.
  23. There's something uniquely embarrassing about a rock & roll fable that is no more authentic (and no less coy) than an episode of ''The Monkees'' yet insists on presenting itself as the epitome of rebel-yell cool.
  24. Had the ghost of Paul Lynde swanned by in a caftan-clad cameo, you couldn't find a more outdated, miscalculated collection of stale, queen-size stereotypes than those trotted out on this ship of fools.
  25. Halloween: Resurrection comes closer to comatainment.
  26. For the audience, it's like watching the dreckiest of teen puppy courtships trying to pass itself off as ''Annie Hall.'' La-de-blah.
    • 6 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The worst movie of 1999.
  27. The only thing shocking about it, however, is the degree to which self-congratulatory gutter exhibitionism has become the degraded ash end of indie ''edge.''

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