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5,393 movie reviews
  1. Plays more like a teaching tool than a dynamic drama.
  2. Cowboys & Aliens has fun moments, but it's a plodding entertainment because it mostly tastes like leftovers.
  3. In the ranks of improbable gymnastics coaches, Nick Nolte falls just below the cartoon version of Mr. T.
  4. Chan needs a foil, and Hewitt, while perky, doesn't project nearly enough comedy weight; she's too slight and tailored for his style.
  5. There's something already exhausted, however, in the intrusively gauzy, wobbly, blurry, zoomy digital-video look of the piece.
  6. Director Kathryn Bigelow is one of the new-style action wizards who’ve never quite mastered the nuts and bolts of telling a story.
  7. A few gags are brilliantly staged, but most have a smug, collegiate take-it-or-leave-it quality that makes full-on belly laughter feel optional.
  8. The movie takes off from a concept as basic as a videogame, and it sticks to that concept, without surprise.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    The movie -- which never decides if it's a fantasy or coming-of-age story -- spends a lot of time away from Terabithia; that also leaches out the wonder. The boy seems more excited that Zooey Deschanel is his hottie music teacher than he is to see tree men in the forest.
  9. Are there surprises? A couple of big money ones, notably the ludicrous would-be jaw-dropper of a finale.
  10. For all the creaminess of the sets and costumes, every character talks as if she is still made out of written words, not flesh, and each woman's struggles feel about as important as a tea dance.
  11. Ironically, they make the bond between John and Savannah look so natural that the ''dear John'' turn in their relationship makes even less sense than it does in the book.
  12. What's missing from this by-the-numbers drama is a sense of abandon.
  13. The movie is merciless sending up "Juno's" self-satisfied hipster gobbledygook, and it's quite funny to see Hannah Montana still promoting her tie-in products as she lies crushed and dying under a meteor.
  14. 2F2F, under the cut-to-the-chase direction of John Singleton, strips the package known as the Mindless Summer Movie down to its barest components of wheels, skin, and a pulsing soundtrack.
  15. This shot-on-film-and-video trifle reveals a Bombay (that's what all the characters call it) that "Slumdog Millionaire" didn't: a delicate metropolis sunk in torpor.
  16. Wrings laughs from the antics of affable, eccentric villagers who cheerily break the law.
  17. Depression is a fair subject for a movie, but this much moroseness shouldn't come to this little.
  18. The whole thing feels like a half-day of community service, which Lawrence walks through good-naturedly.
  19. Neither powerful nor interesting. It is a run-of-the-mill movie ''product'' developed as part of a 50 Cent marketing plan.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 58 Reviewed by
      Ty Burr
    It's a little short on coherence and long on comic-book sensationalism -- dig the hokey, climactic Battle of the Minds between the hero and a cadaverous Mr. Big -- but there's no denying the nightmarish pull of the film's aesthetic.
  20. Hudson's sunny, ringlet-tossing appeal fits snugly into the film's happy-homemaker ideology: She makes caring for three kids she barely knows look downright glamorous.
  21. Unfortunately, no one involved seems to have bent over backwards to make the movie either original or even all that scary.
  22. At best, this version succeeds as a Sunday school supplement. But the blandness is enough to make you long for Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."
  23. Frequently silly, yet eminently more watchable than such leaden Schwarzenegger efforts as ''Eraser.''
  24. A revolutionary life has rarely felt less edgy, or the biography of an iconoclast more bourgeois.
  25. There's always something to look at (an octopus holding his eyeballs aloft, the petulant Jane assaulted by pixie dust), but the story is weak tea.
  26. Agresti fattens us up with the kind of kid's-eye-view tragi-comic adventures that regularly supply empty calories in artificially sweetened foreign-language imports.
  27. What it isn't is a believable relationship. Yet that may scarcely matter to LaBute, a gifted and corrosive wordsmith who appears intent, by now, on shoving all romantic couplings into the meat grinder of his misanthropic design.
  28. A synthetic yet shrill sadomasochistic cartoon.

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