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  1. Like Orson Welles, Francis Ford Coppola has gone from being the filmmaker of his time to becoming a make-it-up-as-you-go-along indie free-shooter.
  2. Measured in anything other than biblical cubits, the sum of Babel's many parts turns out to be a picture that suggests Americans ought to stay home and treat their nannies better.
  3. 3
    German filmmaker Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) noodles around with form, composition, and sexuality in 3, a playfully pieced-together, beautifully shot, and secretly ridiculous drama about a triangular relationship among blasé Berliners.
  4. Payback is a thriller so mean and degraded it carries a low-down, vicious charge. Sadism is its only real subject, and its only real life as well.
  5. The filmmaker's got good taste -- and luck -- in casting.
  6. There are some genuinely clever moments of physical comedy, and the inevitable crudeness is offset by winning whimsy. Without has all the freshness of moldering Playboys stashed under a mattress, but it evokes what few boys-will-be-boys larks can: chumminess.
  7. Even as the director, Stephen Daldry, places his star front and center, he doesn't know how to highlight him.
  8. Much of what happens in The Paperboy is so luridly bizarre you can't quite believe what you're seeing.
  9. A polarizing load of quirkiness in Extremely Loud gunks up (at least for this hometown mourner; your results may vary) what is at heart a piercing story.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    Pit a reptile the size of a school bus against an American TV-news crew in war-scarred Burundi, and you get "Hotel Rwanaconda," a horror movie interested in cheesy scares and drawing attention to the plight of poor Africans. (So no, Primeval is not the '"serial killer'" film promised by the ads.)
  10. Interstellar, his (Nolan) sci-fi spectaculorama helixed around a father-daughter love story, is a gamble like no other in his career. It's his longest film, his headiest, his most personal. And, in its square-peg-in-a-round-wormhole stab at being the weepy motion-picture event of the year, it's also his sappiest.
  11. As a movie, Trade is so-so, but as an exposé of how the new globalized industry of sex trafficking really works, it's a disquieting, eye-opening bulletin.
  12. While I was watching Madea's Big Happy Family, I couldn't deny that it PLAYS. Madea, as always, is a figure of towering low-down wit.
  13. Zookeeper (I can't believe I'm even writing this) is a dumbed-down "Paul Blart."
  14. Much of Big Daddy looks like it was made up on the spot, but Sandler, with his bad-dog eagerness to get caught in the act of misbehaving, pulls you through it.
  15. A talent-stuffed assemblage of barbs and giddy musical numbers that shouldn't be written off as a feature flop -- but savored instead for the cult-ready collection of late-night satirical skits and misses it is.
  16. The romantic troubles of three Irish-Catholic brothers on Long Island don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.
  17. Crimson Peak is a cobwebs-and-candelabras chamber piece that’s so preoccupied with being visually stunning it forgets to be scary.
  18. Efficient, uninspired sequel.
  19. For the Western viewer, the cultural divide acts as a saccharine filter, and Kamikaze, a cult hit in Japan, becomes a mesmerizing lesson in otherness.
  20. For Yank color in her soap-bubbly movie, director Daniele Thompson has her pal Sydney Pollack appear as...a famous director.
  21. Berlin is far from the lost masterpiece the movie wants it to be.
  22. Eden lacks the technique to give its stifled domestic-erotic feelings their full power.
  23. The movie is ''Rosemary's Suburban Baby'' without a witch in sight.
  24. A gilded entry in the cinema du quirk. It's a movie that invites you, all too often, to feel superior to the people on screen.
  25. Leap Year could have used more pizzazz.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    The tone of this tale is more easy-listening than acid rock.
  26. A truly titillating and truly convoluted tale of l'amour fou. Perhaps the American remake could be titled ''Hot Fudge Ripple Sky.''
  27. There are mountain tunes as powerful as moonshine to be enjoyed in Songcatcher -- but there's also a mighty mushy heap of corn pone to be swallowed.
  28. Thompson, who also wrote the script, has skittery, baffling fun enjoining her plummy guest actors (including Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans, and Maggie Smith) to play broad Brit types.

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