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5,268 movie reviews
  1. The film is so committed to its view of Ezra as a pawn in the psychotic game of postcolonial Africa that he is never allowed, as a character, to become more than a pawn.
  2. After a brisk start, the script turns out to be a rough and humorless beast slouching its way towards utter ludicrousness.
    • 1 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Even with the low expectations any reasonable viewer brings to a Shore flick, this rates only stupid-plus. The bongs-and-pajamas set, though, should be riveted.
  3. If any actor could reveal the squirmy soul of a war criminal, it's Caine, so it feels like a cheat when The Statement gives him nothing to portray but self-condemnation.
  4. There's nothing overtly better or worse about this sequel. But the ''kids'' look to be pushing 30 now -- an awkward age for theme-park performers.
  5. This suburban gothic is a logy, convoluted mess.
  6. The faux espionage plot, with its winks at terrorism, is really just a convoluted plea for the relevance of precious indie artistes (i.e., Hal Hartley).
  7. Keeps teasing you with intimations of the libidinous animal within.
  8. Best to forget the movie version exists and keep your happy childhood memories intact.
  9. Parents can trust that none of their wee ones will ask for a stuffed water horse for Christmas. The star of this Scottish fable, about the mythical Loch Ness monster, looks like a raw chicken breast with teeth when he hatches.
  10. It's a shame that this glossy production doesn't seem to realize it's actually promoting an altogether different message: when moms dare to leave the house, everything goes wrong.
  11. The Nativity Story is a film of tame picture-book sincerity, but that's not the same thing as devotion. The movie is too tepid to feel, or see, the light.
  12. The movie, a piece of luridly baroque metaphysical trash, is about a Vietnam veteran who keeps getting jolted by demonic visions.
    • 21 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    A movie based on a doll line, is an M&M-colored high school fantasia for aspirational 10- and 12-year-old girls who'll be shocked (or, hopefully, delighted) when they get to ninth grade and find out life isn't so super-Bratz-fabulous.
  13. Achieves the near-impossible: It turns the Marquis de Sade into a dullard.
  14. For a light comedy, The Nanny Diaries turns out to have an off-putting theme. It glorifies the romance of slumming.
  15. So riddled with cultural stereotypes, woe-is-me neurotic mopiness, and glib therapeutic compassion that by the end all it leaves you with is a waxy buildup of falseness.
  16. Any grown men and women who pay to see the movie face a harrowing ordeal.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    In several instances, you can sense that director Tim Story simply rolled the proverbial ball out to Hart on the court and called the play: Make it funny. Hart scores occasionally, but Think Like a Man Too loses by double digits.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Jackson is the best thing here.
  17. It's not just that Tony Soprano is richer, darker, cooler, and scarier. The dude gets more laughs.
  18. Cronenberg directs this doomed romance in the same flat, claustrophobic, night-of-the-zombies style he employed in ''Naked Lunch''; as a dramatist, he's still stuck in Interzone.
  19. Populated by ersatz versions of stars who, in this case, are fairly vanilla to begin with.
  20. A remake of the 1986 suspense ''classic,'' is as processed and hoot-worthy as the original.
  21. The ultimate crime of this paranoid enemy-of-the-state pulp, directed with more style than brains by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), is how dull it is.
  22. The dialogue aims young and low, and sounds translated from comic-book Esperanto.
  23. The award for the most annoying character to appear in a movie so far this year turns out to be a tie: It goes to both of the oh-so-swankly tormented romantic mischief makers of Love Me if You Dare.
  24. Even those who don't know a foul tip from a chicken wing will be able to spot the desperate plays.
  25. It's fun to watch at first. All that twirling and sliding is a nice change of pace from the usual seat-shaking pyrotechnics.
  26. As with his previous film "Fireflies in the Garden," writer-director Dennis Lee scratches the skin of family bonds until it bleeds. This time, he uses whimsy as a salve.

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