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  1. As an adventure series bristling with ideas, it's V+. Or as we grade 'em on Earth: B+
  2. There’s something communal about Schumer’s approach to comedy. It’s not just about punchlines. It’s about conversations. And she makes the women around her seem funnier, just by letting them in on the joke. Some of the best moments happen when she’s interviewing people, inspiring the type of real talk you don’t often get to hear once you’ve outgrown the girls’ locker room.
  3. This TV movie directed by Julian Jarrold focuses on the making of The Birds and Marnie, not two of the filmmaker's finest, and depicts Hitch as a self-pitying lecher. He might have been, though here, he's a dull one.
  4. I disliked the two editions of The Bachelor intensely -- those tacky 'rose ceremonies' and the intellectual nullity, the sheer conversational sliminess of both the bachelors! However, I am enthralled by The Bachelorette, and why should I try to excuse my change of heart and mind with fancy critical justifications? It's because I think Trista is pretty hot and very cool in the way she controls her own little corner of the TV universe.
  5. Mary Poppins it ain't--which is fine because the snooty broad couldn't begin to handle this. [21 Sep 2007, p.74]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  6. With Hairspray Live!, more was never more enough. There were pleasures to be had from all the much muchness.
  7. So far, O'Loughlin has come most alive when he's engaged in the premiere's close-quarters, elbow-chopping fight scenes. But it's clear that, like other CBS shows from NCIS to CSI, the team byplay is going to be the heart of Hawaii Five-0. Thank goodness Caan is here to provide gruff humor, and Kim and Park play off each other nicely.
  8. Leoni has great potential here, but the character development and "I'm already hooked" magic (a la The Good Wife) aren't quite there yet. [19/26 Sep 2014, p.126]
  9. Money burns through a lot of TV clichés, from "My Name Is Earl" redneckiness to "Saving Grace"-ish action scenes, but there's an undercurrent of true emotion in Metcalf's tough-sweet demeanor.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The storytelling can feel sluggish at times, but as the ruthless, morally bankrupt pope (dude has two mistresses and four kids!), Irons is at his creepy, dead-eyed-stare best.
  10. I'd give "The New Normal" a slight edge because it's tighter and more assured, but the bigger, odder Go On ensemble bears watching too--for a few more episodes, at least.
  11. Johnsons recalls Buffy in its wit, sharp undercurrents (dig the cheeky-deadly female deities questing to end the dominance of dunder-headed patriarchy), and endearingly lo-fi production. Caution, though: accents! [18 Jul 2014, p.60]
  12. Shoot's debut episode was smart, funny, and whiplash fast. ... Watching two subsequent episodes, though, I was dismayed to see how quickly Shoot deteriorated.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Party has some great lines and a wicked streak even if, like catering food, the concept feels a little warmed-over.
  13. The show is best when it digs into the cosplay scene and the competitors bare their vanities and insecurities.
  14. An immensely enjoyable, carefully crafted, well-performed creation. Take it from a viewer who has given every Trek incarnation a try and always come away admiring the concept but disappointed with the execution: Voyager hits pay dirt.
  15. The writing can be smart and Feldman shows a real gift for playing neurotics whose grand flourishes will strike women as either romantic or totally creepy.
  16. At one point, before a press conference, Dern morphs her face from that of a human being into Harris' crazy-cuckoo public mask, and the moment is absolutely chilling. Fair? Debatable, but like Recount, it's a gorgeous bit of political theater.
  17. Not every joke in the pilot is worthy of a gold star, but they deserve some extra credit for effort. [8/15 Jan 2016, p.98]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  18. Ham-fisted exposition and familiar melodrama abound, yet the excellent cast carries a story that slowly deepens, escalates, and truly explodes at midseason. [17/24 Mar 2017, p.90]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  19. Exec producers John Wells (ER), Andrew Stearn (The West Wing), and Paul Abbott (Cracker), adapting Abbott's original Brit version, waste the talents of Macy, Joan Cusack, and Emmy Rossum (Mystic River), among others, and you'll waste your time straining to enjoy it.
  20. Until we find out what happened long ago, we'll just enjoy watching all the beautiful, golden-tanned people say awesomely ridiculous things like: "These guys really put the suck in seersucker."
  21. The best zombie stories are really about cultural anxieties, and the second episode taps into them better, with a police-brutality subplot that could lead somewhere interesting.... [But] It keeps repeating the same old tropes, expecting to give us a different kind of zombie show.
  22. The most believable character--and the real reason to check in to Bates Motel--is undoubtedly Farmiga's Norma.
  23. It's too cut-and-dried: You'll wish the movie were as salacious as it would have been if this were '90s Lifetime.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Julianna Margulies now gets to command the screen in something juicier than the usual procedural. [14 Mar 2008, p.70]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  24. The three guys have yet to be fleshed out, though, so right now this is a one-woman show.
  25. Thomas Jane, though, is a revelation--he plays hopeless haplessness without coming off wimpy, and his initial uncomfortableness as a pro gigolo is charming. But Hung's awkward tone becomes frustrating.
  26. Overall, it’s a promising debut and we’re excited to see where MTV takes Zach Stone on his ill-fated quest to be famous.
  27. Alas, the show's sophomore season--which tracks the consequences of McAvoy's and his team's interconnected, uncorrected blunders--hits the ground slumping in its first four episodes.

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