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  1. The briskly paced humor is delightfully irreverent, taking aim at PC posturing and entitlements of all kinds.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    There's blood, drama, and edge-of-your-seat action--no zombies necessary.
  2. Silly, weird, occasionally sweet, and always very, very funny, 'Scrubs,' which just wrapped its third season, is one of the best comedies on TV.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Where the series could get preachy, it's tempered, and above all, the whole thing's just a lot of fun.
  3. [Its] quality has, if anything, improved in its second season.
  4. It returns with an emotional and surprising (hint: you'll never look at icicles the same way) premiere.
  5. A gleeful, fizzy race through Hollywood.
  6. One of the addictive things about Damages is its ability to work what initially seems to be a peripheral character like Olyphant's into the series' core plot in a startling way. All credit is due to the show's creators--brothers Glenn and Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman--who wrote the first two episodes with smoothly intricate plotting and bursts of melodrama that rarely spill over the top.
  7. Without the annoying melodrama [like "Desperate Housewives"], you become more emotionally hooked by the lives of the four complex and original characters.
  8. Horton Foote's 1953 teleplay proves as durable as ever in this transfer of 2013's hit Broadway revival. Cicely Tyson is as fiercely magnetic on a small screen. [7 Mar 2014, p.62]
  9. I can assert that the series has benefited artistically from the business decision that concluded last season. In shuttering Sterling Cooper and launching SCDP, the show is immediately jazzed by the renewed energy and willfulness that often accompanies a start-up.
  10. It's a midlife triumph, a series that takes a well-worn theme and makes it unpredictable, freshly funny, and sometimes moving.
  11. [Helen] Mirren is terrific — hard-boiled but never macho; always suggesting a sort of bitter humor. Some of the scenes between Mirren and her enlightened teddy bear of a boyfriend (Tom Wilkinson) are soggy, but most of the time, Prime Suspect ... is wonderfully tense entertainment.
  12. The largely improvised series is a jangly American version of 'The Office,' with its best comedy revolving around race, gracelessness, despair, and a glorious lack of self-awareness, courtesy of the kinds of outsize characters who inhabit the typical workplace.
  13. As a profane peek into current showbiz, Entourage is excellent, dirty fun.
  14. An intimate show deeply curious about its characters that hits--apologies in advance for this--just the right high.
  15. Like a James Brown show, the result is both generously proportioned and extremely tight.
  16. A holiday special done right. [30 Nov 2007, p.126]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  17. Season 2 shows every sign of being as inspired and resonant as season 1.
  18. This reality show tracks, with admirable and hilarious straight-facedness, the follicularly oriented infighting that plagues Beard Team USA (a name I will never tire of writing), as well as their attempt to dethrone the presumably more regimented Germans as planet Earth's top whisker warriors.
  19. While Seduced and Abandoned may be hard to categorize, it is easy to sum up: amazing.
  20. Meticulously unhinged. [15 July 2016, p.62]
  21. The Game is next-level entertainment, courtesy of smart scripts and a cast of finely drawn characters.
  22. Everyone served as a good reminder that, after the aerial dance numbers of Peter Pan Live! and the elaborate sets of The Sound of Music Live!, no flashy TV musical gimmicks can match the power of raw talent.
  23. The series' brilliant conceit is that enemies are often sane and rational, and many good guys and gals are obsessed, flawed, and ruthless.
  24. Brooklyn South is a high-intensity street cop show, familiar yet fresh, as if Hill Street Blues had been sampled and remixed by a televisual Sean ''Puffy'' Combs.
  25. Ken Burns' documentary about the "black blizzards" that swept across the Great Plains during the 1930s is at once rigorously sourced and heartbreakingly emotional.
  26. Talking heads such as Daniel Okrent are eloquently pithy. And narrator Peter Coyote is as soothing as a tumbler of fine Scotch.
  27. The show's energetic fearlessness in depicting someone who is fearful in her loneliness gives Ally McBeal an overriding purpose. The result is irresistible television, whether you experience it as a sexual-differences safari or as a blueprint for your own life.
  28. Prepare for gullet slicing, blood spurting, cop-versus-cop conflict, and more blood spurting. We can't get enough.
  29. Its second season has so far been fabulous — even funnier and scarier than the first.
  30. Here's a show that knows how to dive into its final season.
  31. Kill pays both you and its subjects two solid compliments: It doesn't scream ''Take heed: This is a work of art!'' And it lets you form your own opinions about what its social commentary is.
  32. The story ages Jamie and Claire, so when they reunite after a deliciously agonizing buildup (marked by some inspired humor), the rapture is both emotional and spiritual. In season 3, Outlander, TV’s best romance, soars by making you fall in love with it all over again.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    The first episode is as thrilling as it is hilarious. [9 Jan 2015, p.74]
  33. [A] terrific second season of this industry-set sitcom. [17/24 Aug 2012, p.109]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  34. Ellen, now in its fifth season, keeps getting funnier.
  35. The season is peppered with great cameos and supporting players, but elevating and humanizing it all is a magnificent performance by Shawkat. She turns Dory into a funny, affecting, even profound cautionary tale about finding meaning in someone else’s life.
  36. A fresh, sharp-edged comedy that swerves past nearly every cliché.
  37. The more leisurely pace allows for some singular moments. [17 Mar 2006, p.101]
  38. Credit the winning cast, especially Volk, and executive producer Carter Covington's sweet/snarky tone for a half hour viewers won't have to pretend to love.
    • 83 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    While the science is till confusing as ever, the final season premiere promises an exciting conclusion, complete with laughs and reunions--and Helena still kicking plenty of ass. [2/9 Jun 2017, p.97]
  39. PS3, better than Prime Suspect 2 and just a cut below the superlative original, is the foreign import that gives our cop-show bests-NYPD Blue and Homicide—a lesson in toughness.
  40. As bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as it was in its first season, Girls may now be even spunkier, funnier, and riskier. [11 Jan 2013, p.80]
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • tbd Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Despite entering its fourth season,, Younger manages to remain fresh. ... The heart of this series rests in the relationship between its impeccably layered ladies. [30 Jun 2017, p.54]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  41. [An] edgy gem. [13 Nov 2015, p.55]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  42. It's the suspense these two leads endure--a suspense Homeland dramatizes in a swift, sure manner and then transfers to the viewer--that makes this show so unnervingly terrific.
  43. Both writers come off as passionate egomaniacs with literary gifts so undeniable, you can't help but enjoy them.
  44. Mindhunter explores grotesquerie, but the effect is good-humored. Here at the supernova-birth of modern evil, David Fincher has chilled out.
  45. Rarely does a pilot present a world as completely as Nashville does in its first hour.
  46. Big Love is very, very good this season.
  47. A megawatt start to a show crackling with megaton ambition.
  48. The first season of Real World had a lot of momentum just because of its sheer novelty. The second season began to drag because the El Lay crew proved generally to be self-absorbed bores. But the current Real World benefits enormously from two ticking time bombs: Puck's outrageously boorish behavior, which is destined to set off explosive fights with his roommates; and, more profoundly, Pedro's HIV-positive status, which adds another layer of self-consciousness to this TV project.
  49. The new DuckTales is better than the original show. Funnier, more ambitious. ... Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynihan were well-cast as the trio, giving the boys a jocky fraternal chemistry. ... Meanwhile, David Tennant is doing longtime Scrooge-voice Alan Young proud.
  50. [Strong and Daniels} oversee the pilot with an unfussy style and attentiveness to nuanced characterizations. I hope they have enough imagination to nurture an ongoing series without pulling punches ... or going soap opera cray-cray.
  51. It's as fine a crime show as any that television has produced.
  52. The ceaseless ways in which Milch and Nunn challenge our expectations about how families, friends, and strangers are meant to convey their fealty to each other, along with some fine hard-boiled dialogue and fisticuffs, suggest great continuing pleasures.
  53. As in Office Space, the heart of the show is watching Richard and his friends struggle to make sense of themselves and their purpose. They're good, weird guys you want to hang out with.
  54. The show is fortunate to have stars willing to portray modest characters, as George Clooney and Julianna Margulies do; the low-key yet passionate romance between his Ross and her Hathaway has been the series' vital heartbeat.
  55. Bateman's commanding performance powers a gripping, twisty, sometimes spotty yarn that plays like Breaking Bad in reverse, a darkly comic deconstruction of antihero fantasy about a man flailing to rediscover the value of human life. [21/28 July 2017, p.108]
  56. Some of the most mesmerizing hours of television all year. [15 Sep 2017, p.66]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  57. [Ryan Murphy's] sharp take on a woman's role is both funny and mordantly serious.
  58. Girls is already one of the most "New York" shows on television, with its brilliant skewering of aspiring, overentitled creative-class types like Lena Dunham's Hannah.... This season also has astute things to say about the heartbreak, and the relief, of getting older and reexamining your dreams.
  59. Everyone's looking for love in a way that's so vulnerable, it feels authentic even if you've never been anywhere near the Castro.
  60. For such a determinedly lightweight show, there's something solid, even indomitable, about Friends; to paraphrase that insufferable song, it's there for us.
  61. Here is a show in which the supporting cast has taken over. ... [But] for a show without a center, Cheers is still awfully funny.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    He may be tamer in this Life, but he's still sporting rocker charm--and a a bandanna. [22/29 Oct 2010, p.104]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  62. Broadchurch is a gripping portrait of small-town paranoia.
  63. I find myself thinking, Oh, if only these Felicity kids could all go on to grad school together. They are the ensemble you never want to see break up.
  64. 'Scrubs' is a TV rarity: a new sitcom with an original look and point of view, and the merciful absence of a familiar star attempting a comeback.
  65. Those unfamiliar with the film may find some scenes--like when the actors break character to tell their real-life stories--a bit jarring. [7 Apr 2006, p.54]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  66. The sequel ditches the '70s for the '80s--but the original's hard-boiled plots, retro-pop score, and scene-stealing politically incorrect Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) remain.
  67. All told, it's a fantastic collection of talent that keeps the show moving, even when the case-of-the-week is something of a clunker.
  68. The moment we glimpse Helen’s inner life, she becomes the most fascinating character on a show that’s full of them.... When a friend asks if she knew that Noah was cheating, there are unspoken questions there: How would I know if it happened to me? And if I didn’t know, how could I move on? The fact that viewers are asking the same questions only makes this season more compelling to watch.
  69. Our greatest pleasure lies in anticipation of what is to come this season.
  70. Rubicon doesn't have the glossy panache of Mad Men or the in-your-face confrontations of Breaking Bad, but I think that's a good thing. It establishes Rubicon as its own distinct creation from AMC.
  71. At one point, before a press conference, Dern morphs her face from that of a human being into Harris' crazy-cuckoo public mask, and the moment is absolutely chilling. Fair? Debatable, but like Recount, it's a gorgeous bit of political theater.
  72. [The first episodes are] four of 24's best hours to date. [20 Jan 2006, p.59]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  73. I suspect Luck will need its own kind of good fortune to persuade HBO Subscribers to get on its wavelength--to go with the undulating rhythm of its storytelling. But it's worth the effort. [3/10 Feb 2012, p.104]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  74. In its pilot episode, Chicago Hope looked smart but trite — Trapper John, M.D. with book-learnin'. ... [But David E.] Kelley's writing in [the second] episode is worth any number of Picket Fences.
  75. Vargas' special may not be perfect or groundbreaking, but it is meaningful and, at times, eye-opening. [24 Jul 2015, p.54]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  76. In its third and final season, the series is still brilliantly droll, elevating the most mundane moments into something that’s either hilariously awkward or genuinely moving--or, at its best, both.
  77. At its best, Friends operates like a first-rate Broadway farce, complete with slamming doors, twisty plots, and intricately strung together jokes. And even when it's not at its best, the crack acting and piquant punchlines give Friends a momentum and charm that win you over even if you're not laughing.
  78. A mighty sitcom bursting with juicy ideas and energy.
  79. If it weren't for the commercials and basic-cable cutaways from some violence, you'd swear you were watching a classic Western. [23 Jun 2006, p.66]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  80. Very few shows can get away with genuine moments of emotion while also incorporating the phrase "dead-baby tacos." [1 Oct 2010, p.72]
  81. At best, Daredevil feels like a pulpier Batman Begins, complete with daddy-issue flashbacks. At worst, it's a much better Gotham. [10 Apr 2015, p.58]
  82. You'll alternate between cooing at 6-year-old pageant queen Honey, gawking at her self-described "redneck" family and pet pig, laughing so hard you cry, and feeling deep shame for not turning it off.
  83. The dialogue is, as always, ribald and inspired. [10 Apr 2015, p.59]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  84. As usual, the laughs come from the thought that this doc Brown-homaging character may also have a little Hannibal Lecter in him as he sociopathically berates his grandkids Morty and Summer. [24 Jul 2015, p.55]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  85. While the show is not yet as boundary-pushing as Chappelle's, it is funny, and that should never be taken for granted.
  86. Mad Men offers a two-hour season premiere that commences with a muted tone and then explodes in different directions. [23 Mar 2012, p.62]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  87. They’re all well acted, wryly funny, and between 6 and 11 minutes long: the perfect dosage to leave you smiling, with no unpleasant aftereffects.
  88. An immensely enjoyable, carefully crafted, well-performed creation. Take it from a viewer who has given every Trek incarnation a try and always come away admiring the concept but disappointed with the execution: Voyager hits pay dirt.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Sure, watching a trapeze act slowly take form is fun (really fun, actually), but what's fascinating here is the deeply empathetic storytelling. It turns out what happens outside the ring is the most interesting part of Circus. [5 Nov 2010, p.65]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  89. Night One felt almost fully-formed, as if Oliver has spent his Daily Show tutelage making a list of everything that works-- and everything he wanted to do just a little bit differently.
  90. These powerfully acted investigations drive a narrative that meticulously tracks the procedures, language, and culture of the actors’ work. In doing so, The Night Of produces endless richness and sobering meanings about the degrading cost of a flawed justice system.
  91. Sure, the new Real World is beating the dead horse of the old one, but its derivativeness carries a fresh sting.
  92. It not only has all the classic sitcom ingredients but also adds a new, more refined aggression to the mix.
  93. Without surging too deep into soapy territory, Kingdom grinds out excellent family drama via lived-in characters and escalating stakes. The cast's chemistry is phenomenal, with Jonas as the standout.

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