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  1. Discordance, meet The Iceman, a film so wrong-footed it should take Eugene Levy out for a coffee.
  2. Frankly, no one in this ensemble is done any favors by Jason Hall and Barry Levy’s screenplay, a “Duplicity” for dummies filled to the brim with double-crossing cliches.
  3. Fellowes' many changes diminish the power of Shakespeare's story.
  4. Only completists need check in with Homefront. The rest of us can just stay home.
  5. A movie of fools, by fools, for fools, Grown Ups 2 is easily forgotten, which isn’t as bad a feature as you’d think.
  6. A visually colorful but otherwise vanilla continuation of the series.
  7. The most awkward thing about That Awkward Moment is that the majority of it just doesn’t make much sense and, as a relatively light-hearted spin on the romantic comedy genre, it absolutely should.
  8. Every scene of Danny Mooney’s directorial debut is brightly lit, every car squeaky clean, every moral dilemma transparent, with evidently thorough period detail undone by production values that lend even the riots an idyllic glow, while foiling the potential for truly dramatic conflict with leaden dialogue and predictable changes of heart.
  9. Watching Identity Thief will steal nearly two hours of your life that you’ll never get back. It takes far more than it gives.
  10. To the film’s credit, it doesn’t waste much time in doling out shadowy figures and fake-outs for the gullible and easily goosed, and the cast as a whole dutifully delivers its panicked looks and cries in the night.
  11. Unfortunately the bulk of the picture is cut together like a beer commercial on poorly lit cheap video without much panache. Unless primary colors with a gauzy halo is panache.
  12. The violence is so indifferently presented that it has no kick; it’s not grim or graphic enough to shock, but it doesn’t rev us up, either. The picture’s various shoot-’em-up sequences are so generically conceived and shot that each one is indistinguishable from the next – by the movie’s end, they may as well all collapse into an exhausted heap.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Struck by Lightning may appeal to fans of Colfer’s work on “Glee,” but as a film it’s utterly lacking in scope, depth or meaning beyond an immediate chuckle or two.
  13. The idea of the film is certainly clever enough, it’s the execution that lacks finesse.
  14. Dead Man Down is actually mildly entertaining, without being particularly fun.
  15. The result is a film that grows worse with each passing minute, as the vibrant and complex Diana is reduced down to a daft, dumbstruck love addict, a biopic that tries desperately to humanize an already beloved and relatable human being and makes her look comically idiotic and empty in the process.
  16. For all of Krauss’ clearly good intentions, the film still falls staggeringly flat, even with the inclusion of a bold and unexpected performance from Vanessa Hudgens, doing her damndest to break out of the Disney mold and turn in actual work here.
  17. Unquestionably the work of both a newbie director and a green screenwriter.
  18. It's "The Hustler with poker and without soul...For all its flash and occasional sizzle, "Rounders" is a disappointment.
  19. As the movie plods on, the jokes start to fall flat...Worst of all is a centerpiece scene, when Ben has to pretend to be a mafioso (but sounds more like a cross between Martin and Lewis), when Crystal is so unfunny that you almost feel sorry for him.
  20. Breaks no new ground and is tedious in the extreme.
  21. We should expect more of summer fare than that it merely be a visual junk-food snack as we cool off in the chill of a darkened theater.
  22. Though it starts out as amusing satire, the jokes become as neurotic as Dallas' female population, and the film spins out of control in every way.
  23. Does have its share of bona fide chuckles, but it falls shy of its possibilities.
  24. Neeson might as well have phoned this one in.
  25. Mandy Nelson's sugar-high bright-'n'-cheerful script takes a series of easy ways out, avoiding completely the prospective pitfalls of having to see any of these characters as complicated, contradictory, not entirely nice or identifiable-with -- actual human beings, in other words.
  26. The heart of this movie isn't two sizes too small; it's just slightly misplaced.
  27. This is basically a movie about one neurotic woman and her neurotic L.A. life. .
  28. Until it backs itself into a narrative corner, Lisa Krueger's Committed is a delightfully unpredictable experience.
  29. Wargnier is also a lousy storyteller who seems not to understand how to shape a narrative.

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