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1,431 movie reviews
  1. The most exuberantly funny and smartest teen movie this summer, which is something to cheer about.
  2. Carrey is an actor possessed. He's brilliant.
  3. A sleeper that's well worth hunting down. Its rewards sneak up on you, but then linger long afterwards.
  4. Lets Jackie Chan have some fun, ride a horse and frolic in the American West. And when Jackie's having fun, at least some of it trickles down to us.
  5. Has a charm that keeps you involved throughout.
  6. It's adult and humane, genuinely sexy, laugh-out-loud funny.
  7. It's a testimony to Tammy Faye's own integrity and enormous charisma that the film holds our attention as tightly as it does, and doesn't become an insufferable exercise in weak filmmaking.
  8. The Taste of Others takes regular (but not ordinary) people and knocks them out of their usual zones of activity. The resulting collisions leave behind a very pleasing flavor.
  9. It's an Egoyan film, and therefore by definition worth seeing.
  10. It's a sweet and wise film - neither groundbreaking nor revolutionary save for the fact that it places narrative and character arc at the center of its concerns.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    A good-natured farce. It's also really, really funny.
  11. Despite the frivolous feel, it's clear the director intends for Bossa Nova to be a love letter to his two passions: Brazil and his leading lady (who's also his real-life wife). Neither lets him down.
  12. This is independent acting (and movie-making) at its best -- true, tight, anything but trite.
  13. Strangely enough, this movie provides a lot of the James Bond veneer that has been missing from recent James Bond movies.
  14. A Melancholy Delight. Its pacing will undoubtedly seem too deliberate to some, but I found first-time director Deborah Warner's The Last September a delight from beginning to end.
  15. Part of the appeal of John Irving's writing is its sense of bounty, the way the world is offered up as a horn of plenty. The Cider House Rules movie, by contrast, feels narrowed down to small slices of experience.
  16. A deliciously romantic story, in all senses of the word.
  17. The dialogue is sparkingly witty, and Phoenix and Winslet are excellent in what are, after all, meant to be fairly one-dimensional roles.
  18. You'll feel moved and uplifted after watching this well-written, funny movie.
  19. An insistent, insinuating film -- both in terms of its plot and characters, and in its impact on the viewer -- Harry's effects are small-scale but so perfectly pitched that they never seem small.
  20. Mehta's latest release, combines a similarly intoxicating visual immediacy and delight with a sobering outsider's long view.
  21. A very small film, as they say in the movie business, but its stylish suspensefulness is nicely leavened by Connell's obvious, and welcome, love for his hapless characters.
  22. Fascinating noir, which will long be remembered for its extraordinary lead performance by Catherine Deneuve.
  23. By turns amusing, touching and horrifying, A Room For Romeo Brass is a film that defies expectation at every turn.
  24. Authentic contemporary heroine.
  25. A wry, rambling, smart comedy.
  26. This kind of film, in its various manifestations recurring through the decades, gives us confidence that cinema can ultimately get to the heart of things.
  27. The result is a movie that turns the financial phenomenon of Web startups -- the crazy kids with ideas, and the crazier bankers with more money than sense -- into a moving human drama.
  28. A quiet film, certainly, but it's filled with small touches that manage to get deeply under your skin by the time the final credits roll.
  29. A gorgeous and enduring piece of work.

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