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1506 movie reviews
  1. Everyone will be indifferent, as indifferent and uncaring as the characters the film portrays.
  2. Fading Gigolo wants to be some sort of sunny tapestry about New York’s social groups, but it’s impossible to see past its absurd premise.
  3. A frenetic spoof of 1961's disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion, Company Man is likely to be forgotten quickly by audiences.
  4. Nearly incomprehensible story.
  5. There's a lost opportunity here.
  6. Watching Left Behind's plodding screen adaptation may make you feel the Deity has already abandoned us to a shockingly dull post-apocalypse.
  7. Sarandon prostitutes her blazing talent and sharp political sensibility to the service of a pile of misogynistic bullflop.
  8. Mr Kumble: Keep your hands off the classics! You don't deserve to read them, let alone paraphrase them.
    • 21 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    Mostly dreadful.
  9. Are two Demis better than one? How you answer will determine the level of patience you'll need to sit through this bizarre pet project.
  10. If you're already a huge fan of any of these artists, this film will be a lovefest. For all others, it's a mild diversion at best.
  11. If you've seen one "Scream" rip-off, you really have seen them all.
  12. A crap film that's steeped in liberal paranoia, but it's also so ludicrous that it falls under the guilty-pleasure category.
  13. One imagines what the failed farce Drowning Mona would have been like in the hands of the Coen brothers.
  14. Lyonne, as usual, does her best...but she's running uphill.
  15. Chaotic, peurile, loaded with sniggering commentary and obsessed with breasts, Saving Silverman is like a 90-minute walk through a 13-year-old boy's head.
  16. Despite this chance to experience something thrilling and new, her life is just as dull the second time around.
  17. Dumb and irritating.
  18. I just really, really, really, don't like this movie, and I don't care who knows it.
  19. Sly, slick and slow.
  20. Has its - very - occasionally funny moments, so does a car crash.
  21. A bad movie about a great man.
  22. 15 Minutes is simply a bad movie.
  23. Despite a lead performance by the always welcome Julianne Moore it is rudderless in its presentation and outright stupid in its central conceits.
  24. A clumsy and tone-deaf comedy.
  25. The worst thing you can accuse an unutterably bad movie of is sincerity.
  26. Looks and moves like a film whose vital organs were yanked before shooting commenced.
  27. A dismal film, a flop as both 21st-century romantic comedy and gay "Kramer vs. Kramer."
  28. Self-conscious clunker.
  29. Pandering and tired, Down to Earth lurches from one dead gag to the other, in search of both comedic rhythm and a dramatic pulse. It finds neither.

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