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  1. Outlander is by far the best of these Starz costume dramas I've seen. It knows the stories it wants to tell and the strongest way to tell them.
  2. It's a simple idea, and the supporting characters on both floors are fairly broad and familiar types, but the execution is good.
  3. Like Rick Grimes, all I can do is focus on what lies directly in front of me, and the here and now of The Walking Dead looks very good.
  4. The first two episodes of the new season don't suggest a huge creative leap--Carmichael is still finding his way as an actor, for instance, though the creative team recognizes that he's best used to say incendiary things that his co-stars can react to-but even if it never improves from its original baseline, it's funny and well-crafted enough to be worth watching for more than just its ambitions.
  5. It is snappy, and funny enough when it needs to be.
  6. I expected to be tired of the joke behind The Wrong Mans within an episode or two. Instead, I found myself engrossed enough in the story of who wanted Sam dead at any particular moment, and why, to keep watching until I made it all the way to the end and could appreciate just how well Baynton, Corden and company stuck the landing.
  7. The Walking Dead is excellent with action, with suspense, and with atmosphere, and these early episodes have all three in spades.
  8. The ensemble works incredibly well together--in marked contrast to Selina's dysfunction, competitive staff--and there's a briskness and intelligence to the whole shebang.
  9. There's enough sincerity lurking convincingly beneath the snark, and Levy is so good in both aggressive and vulnerable modes, that I have faith the show will find a way to humanize Tessa's new environment while still bringing the laughs.
  10. It's a very promising start, at a minimum. The distribution model for House of Cards may be looking to reinvent how we watch TV, but the show itself feels very much of a piece with what we've been seeing for the last 10 or 15 years.
  11. It's a smart mix of soap opera, music and political intrigue.
  12. With its huge cast (the new season also adds Ron Livingston as a businessman who romances Gretchen Mol’s Gillian) and sprawling world, Boardwalk Empire could suffer from that desire for more than plenty. Inevitably, though, it reveals itself as a show with a firm grasp on all these disparate people and places, and a clear sense of how to fit them all together.
  13. The series' embrace of its narrative style, its creation of such an ominous world and its skill for generating suspense practically out of thin air are all very impressive.
  14. In many of its moments, it's wonderful, but it suffers from the narrative sag common not only to the previous Netflix/Marvel team-ups, but most of Netflix's attempts at the "our season is really a 13-hour movie" model. ... Still, Mike Colter is every bit the charismatic hero promised by his Jessica Jones appearances.
  15. It's a charming series that feels like it has a lot of potential for growth, and not just because its main character has nowhere to go but up.
  16. With season 2, everything feels much more in balance, and much more confidently its own thing, rather than a tentative adaptation figuring itself out through trial and error.
  17. Origins is the more psychologically complex show, and feels slightly more realistic, even though Porter escapes certain death on numerous occasions.
  18. Girls continues to mine comedy out of the vast gulf between its characters aspirations and their reality.
  19. If the start of the season feels formulaic, it's a formula that's worked in the past, and one that gives very good material to key members of the ensemble.
  20. The repetitive nature of the guys' dilemma--it's essentially "Gilligan's Island" as serialized cable drama--becomes even harder to ignore when watched all in a row.... Yet for all this, it's never boring. The four leads have terrific chemistry, and play the roles with energy that belie their characters' suburban complacency. And the show continually throws interesting guest actors at them.
  21. This is all one big story, but each episode builds to an interesting climax that drives the story forward, and there's not the usual sag you get with a lot of the serialized Amazon and Netflix dramas.
  22. Black-ish arrives as a comedy that knows what it's about, and how it wants to be about it in a very smart way.
  23. The lighter and more optimistic tone is unexplored territory that could be tough to navigate at any speed. For the first hour, anyway, The Flash makes it look easy.
  24. Whether you fall in love with the Conways or not, Quarry ends very well, and in a way that leaves me hoping it can one day offer its own equivalent of that classic fourth season of Boardwalk Empire.
  25. If Crossfire Hurricane doesn't offer much that's new, or tell a spellbinding story along the way, it still vividly captures how they became legends in the first place.
  26. It's at once a twisted parody of every "plucky single gal in the big city" story ever told, and an often hilarious version of the real thing.
  27. Based on the four episodes I've watched, Underground seems to have hit the sweet spot between quality and commercial potential, and between being respectful of the time it's depicting while finding a way to function as ongoing entertainment.
  28. While Boss is a very promising drama with a great lead performance, it might be better off easing up a bit and just letting viewers appreciate Grammer's career-redefining work.
  29. A winning new drama set only a few years before Don Draper would get a new secretary named Peggy Olsen.
  30. It's not perfect, but it made me laugh a lot and smile even more.

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