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  1. Carmine Gaeta and Luke Davies' screenplay is constructed from plot mechanics, and the emotional stakes grow less convincing with every twist of the screw.
  2. While Moussi has ample skills as a fighter — and is plenty handsome to boot — he lacks Van Damme’s charisma. It turns out that just slapping the title “Kickboxer” onto a movie isn’t enough to revive a B-movie favorite. The actual kickboxer matters.
  3. The obvious exposition, tortured dialogue and shoddy special effects just make you wish you were watching something else.
  4. Despite all the mayhem, Mortimer never whips up any real sense of dread or tension.
  5. Simultaneously overblown and underdeveloped, "Iceman" fails equally at showcasing the talent of its star and resolving its baroque plot.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Georgia Rule oscillates clumsily from shock to slapstick to schmaltz. The result of these big tonal swings is a cinematic strikeout.
  6. While the fake news angle is admittedly a timely one, the film’s ultimate dubious achievement is its remarkable ability to make “Dude, Where’s My Car?” feel like vintage Kubrick.
  7. The movie is a tortured marshmallow.
  8. The Curse of Downers Grove seems to be jumping on that 1990s teen slasher bandwagon two decades too late.
  9. Even for something preaching spiritual tranquility, Milton’s Secret exhibits the barest trace of a pulse.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Director Luc Besson, best known for "La Femme Nikita" and "The Fifth Element," admits he knew nothing about animation before he started this project, and it shows.
  10. At no point does the movie manage even a single sequence of sustained tension, or a frisson of genuine terror.
  11. Despite a few strong emotional beats, the crime drama American Heist proves as undistinguished as its generic title.
  12. This animated-live action hybrid is really more 3-D disaster than family comedy. Even Neil Patrick Harris, who has proved he can save just about any sinking ship, cannot make this boat float.
  13. Cast adrift with vague, improbable characters and a plot that's at once under-and overcooked, the actors struggle to find a steady tone, lurching from somber to silly as the director tries to figure out what he's doing.
  14. Director Gustavo Ron and co-writer Francisco Zegers fill the movie to bursting with plot, turning what might have been a delightfully airy cream puff of a film into a soggy disaster.
  15. Sadly, there's not an ounce of tension or a single decent scare to be found amid any of this convoluted mayhem.
  16. There's a late-breaking twist that might seem impressive if it didn't make all the previous mayhem feel so intensely pointless.
  17. This flatly shot picture remains cramped by its homespun roots.
  18. The performances are cringe-worthy, the appeal of the material marginal.
  19. Far more troubling than the documentary's lack of data and analysis, its refusal to pose even basic questions -- whether, for instance, the so-called war on drugs is a total farce -- is the sense that these seven lost souls are principally on display for our viewing displeasure.
  20. Eventually, Immigration Tango throws away what little credibility it has in going for a finish of total improbability and silliness.
  21. The script, the special effects and Jack Heller's direction simply don't add up in the profile of the mythical creature. It's quite obvious the filmmakers didn't put a lot of thought into it and went straight for the cheapest thrills.
  22. Rent is commodified faux bohemia on a platter, eliciting the same kind of numbing soul-sadness as children's beauty pageants, tiny dogs in expensive boots, Mahatma Gandhi in Apple ads.
  23. Psycho Beach Party is, from the start, in dire need of the electroshock therapy that Florence ultimately undergoes.
  24. The hard truth is that the line between being deadly earnest and unintentionally silly is thinner than these people think, and Beyond Borders turns out to be an unreal film about a real situation, unavoidably cartoonish, as was the earlier "Tears of the Sun," in its attempt to join crucial issues to ridiculous melodrama.
  25. Begins on a mildly entertaining note, with each successive vignette the film grows increasingly tedious.
  26. A joyless fluffball about after-college job woes with a dispiriting message for smart young women.
  27. Call it a dark farce, human comedy or wartime satire. But however you slice it, the ill-conceived morality tale A Farewell to Fools is a bust.
  28. The only way to describe this movie's trio of party-throwing protagonists is numbingly predictable, as if writers Michael Bacall and Matt Drake had "Superbad" on a loop in the background.

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