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7,772 movie reviews
  1. Once the filmmakers have got the celebrities settled into Stella Street, they have a hard time figuring out what to do with them. Stella Street is the road best not taken.
  2. Feels like an acting exercise stretched to feature length.
  3. It thinks it's cute, but it's as charming as an old drunk going on about how he knew Eastwood back in the day.
  4. Chintzy-looking gore-bore.
  5. A tiresome addiction drama.
  6. A thick and gooey slice of holiday hokum.
  7. LaPaglia, Feeney and Stoltz soldier bravely through an uninspired, airless script.
  8. The thriller with a promising premise fails to deliver.
  9. The only way the film could have had a prayer of working--and thereby tapping its stars' considerable strengths--is by taking a much harder edge and going for dark, even bleak humor.
  10. The merely depressing ultimately gives way to the contrived in Seth Zvi Rosenfeld's King of the Jungle.
  11. Does for industrialists, politicians, pro-football owners and lawyers what Christopher Guest's "Best in Show' did for dog owners -- but without the skewer.
  12. It's amazing how boring endless talk about more and better orgasms can become.
  13. Mildly entertaining, offering generous swaths of Mahler performed by the Bratislava Philharmonic, but it's also inescapably ponderous.
  14. Its successful moments (and they are only moments) remind us that this is a squandered opportunity.
  15. What's especially disheartening is the large gap between what's on the screen and the significant, meaningful work its creators sincerely believe they've made.
  16. Relentlessly smarmy and contrived, and its pitch for the cause of prisoner rehabilitation preachy and heavy-handed.
  17. The filmmakers cannot sustain enough momentum to keep their film from seeming contrived and preachy.
  18. Another traditional Japanese production, weakly plotted, woodenly acted and indifferently dubbed.
  19. Though Waterworld has some haunting underwater visual moments, the film's impact is weakened by flat dialogue, an overemphasis on jokeyness and a plot that, despite all those screenwriters, does not satisfactorily hold together at any number of points.
  20. Overlong, overwritten.
  21. Like a lot of other Asian sci-fi anime: a stunningly imagined world of the future populated with one-dimensional characters caught up in a trite plot.
  22. No fun at all.
  23. Dazzling visually but is flattened by corny dialogue better suited to the 1936 "Flash Gordon" serial, a needlessly hard to follow plot and heavy-handed exposition clotted with pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo.
  24. Ought to be disreputable fun. Instead it ends up, all its explosions and exposed flesh notwithstanding, rather inert.
  25. Has little to offer in the way of entertainment or originality.
  26. The go-for-broke plot twists are daring, but because there's no sense of background to the characters, one gets the sense it's all being made up as Baigelman goes along.
  27. The result is a movie that's hard to laugh at when its hero would surely be either in jail or perhaps even a mental institution were he to behave the way he does on screen in real life.
  28. The Chamber is like a balloon that all the air has leaked out of. Maybe it wasn't magnificent before, but in its current state it is sad indeed.
  29. These characters, which Perry worked into the narrative from other stage performances, may have been entertaining in those venues, but they undermine the film.
  30. No amount of goodwill can rescue Face from its painfully literal script and acting that's all about projecting recognizable attitude rather than drawing in viewers.

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