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  1. Shot on grainy, often blown-out and distorted consumer-grade video, scored to a feedback distortion-heavy soundtrack that will be familiar to fans and tinnitus sufferers alike, and clocking in at one merciful minute under three hours, Lynch's much-anticipated follow-up to "Mulholland Drive" signals a hale swan-dive off the deep end, away from any pretense of narrative logic and into the purer realm of unconscious free association. I found myself pining for "The Elephant Man," but that's just me.
  2. Keaton and Ted Danson, who plays her husband, Don, are the comedic bright spot in the movie, not least because they are ridiculous.
  3. 21
    What might have been a complex story dealing with greed and high-stakes betrayal among the young intellectual elite in America's gaming playground is instead treated as a slick, glossy romp.
  4. Unfortunately, it takes director D.J. Paul a while to lend shape to this chatty, free-form material -- it would really make a better stage play -- and to distinguish writer Joseph "Bo" Colen's authentic-sounding but unevenly drawn characters.
  5. A tedious, precious fantasy.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    A spoof, sometimes a funny one, and sometimes just plain overkill.
  6. Although Head Over Heels moves swiftly, has an appealing cast and a serviceably diverting plot, it is nevertheless hard to fall head over heels over it.
  7. The messy relationships and sexual predilections make for an equally messy plot, which distracts from the film's strength — depicting the truths of a romantic relationship that's past the initial excitement and the selective memories of love lost.
  8. Since the film is based on the Atari video game of the same name, it also has much to appeal to headbangers: fast pace, lots of gadgets, monsters, explosive special effects, plenty of inscrutable plot twists and turns.
  9. Most B-pictures imitate other movies, but writer-director Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park steals so freely that it almost becomes derivative in an original way.
  10. Clever and diverting dark comedy.
  11. On the face of it, tackling the warring sides of science and the spirit seemed a good fit for the writer-director, who continues to be drawn to existential themes. There are occasional flashes of the exceptional, but the film's dodgy story can't sustain them.
  12. A decently crafted, standard Mafia blood bath with a few new wrinkles and an aura of authenticity.
  13. Even with a gripping subject like blues-singing convicts, the documentary Music from the Big House has a disconcerting emotional distance.
  14. Smart isn't all it's cracked up to be and soon the movie is unraveling faster than all of Eddie's grand schemes.
  15. Not ultimately original enough to sustain its many horrific images.
  16. For all its good intentions, for the thrillingly staged moments in the film's first quarter-for all the sweeping movement of thousands of people streaming through the streets of Shanghai-and for all its not-inconsiderable craft, the film's grave problem is a lack of central heating: We don't have a single character to warm up to.
  17. Price keeps the humor believably shallow and the movie from getting too far from the aim of chronicling an exclusivity junkie's fall.
  18. Exhilarating or excruciating, depending on your point of view.
  19. At some point you hope the actor (Butler) will find a movie that will give him the right material to make hearts truly beat faster. Until then, it appears we'll have to settle for films with more flaws than his characters.
  20. The largely improvisational approach as well as the limited settings and story arc also undercut the picture’s deeper dramatic potential — despite a powerful, beautifully performed finale.
  21. A shrewd, pulpy crowd-pleaser.
  22. The film itself often feels stilted and repetitive.
  23. An alternately creaky and intriguing ride, one of earnest ambition and dashed potential.
  24. A standard-issue numskull comedy that aims low but is high in energy.
  25. While the movie’s artfully made and daringly disturbing, Dekker ultimately overestimates how many sick twists one motion picture needs.
  26. Feels like the cinematic equivalent of being stuffed with fruitcake and doused with a gallon of egg nog, so if that's the sort of thing you go in for around the holidays . . .
  27. A technically impressive but talky sci-fi drama that never quite comes to life.
  28. At first Tabu is intriguing. But the enigma gets wearing as the director's attention is divided between the homage to the silent film era and the film's underlying exploration of the regret of old age.
  29. Zany, exuberantly irreverent animated space adventure.

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